April 15, 2021


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Boro paddy wasted in Gauripur due to rising temperature, farmers worried

During the pollination of paddy, 125 hectares of boro paddy in Gauripur of Mymensingh is on the verge of loss due to sudden rise in temperature due to Kalbaishakhi storm. So far, about 1,200 farmers have been reported to have been affected in the upazila. It is feared that the amount of land lost is increasing day by day. As a result, there are tears in the houses of the farmers.coming days to address their food crisis.coming days to address their food crisis.coming days to address

Upazila Agriculture Officer Krishibid Lutfunnahar said that as the temperature rose by more than 35 degrees Celsius during the Kalbaishakhi storm, the sheaf of early variety Boro paddy turned white. In this upazila, boho crops of most farmers have been destroyed in Maoha, Sahanati, Bokainagar and Ramgopalpu unions. Besides, crops have been partially damaged in different unions including Gauripur No. 2, Douhakhla.

He said about 125 hectares of boro paddy has been reported to be damaged by about 1,200 farmers so far. A list of affected farmers is being prepared. To overcome this situation, the agriculture officer is advising the farmers to keep water in the boro paddy field all the time.
Rabikul Islam, 45, a sharecropper in Gauripur No. 2 Union, said he planted boro paddy on 50 acres of land. His entire boro paddy is ruined. He is very much lost in the days ahead. Akkach Ali, a farmer from Paschimpara village in Ramgopalpur union, said he planted a borough on 100 acres of land with a loan. Now there is nothing more.

Besides, crops have been destroyed by Muktar Uddin, a farmer from Kashimpur village in Bokainagar Union, Abu Siddique, Emdadul Haque, Arshed Ali and hundreds of other farmers from Maoha Union. The aggrieved farmers demanded the government to provide financial assistance to the affected farmers in the coming days to address their food crisis.

BD Daily / Abu Jafar

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has visited Bangladesh on the occasion of the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the golden jubilee of independence. Not only Narendra Modi but also the Prime Ministers and Presidents of other South Asian countries have visited Bangladesh on this golden jubilee.

Governments and heads of state of many countries of the world have joined in this joyous celebration of Bangladesh in video messages. Hefazat-e-Islam is carrying out terrorist activities across the country at the very moment when the whole country is busy in organizing various events to mark the 50th anniversary of independence, remembering their best children with deep respect and solemnity. And to legitimize this terrorism, they have played religious cards like before.

Hefazat-e-Islam has given the message to the people of Bangladesh that Narendra Modi is the mastermind of ‘anti-Islam’ and ‘Gujarat riots’. So Narendra Modi cannot be allowed to come to Bangladesh in any way. And with this in mind, Hifazat-e-Islam has been carrying out infernal violence all over the country for the last few days. This time Mamunul Haque has been involved in anti-state activities by declaring terrorist activities in the public media. He has also threatened to send a book to the country to resist Narendra Modi. Whatever the case, we saw Hefazat-e-Islam procession in Chittagong’s Hathazari carrying out a surprise attack on Hathazari police station, land office and post bungalow.
Four people were killed in the police-custody clash. Mamunul Hawkera knows very well that violence does not happen if the body is not found. They have been doing politics to confuse people with religious incitement for a long time. This time they are doing so, the microphone of the mosque in Brahmanbaria is announcing that ‘it is permissible to kill those who are Awami League, Chhatra League, Juba League who are not Muslims’. This video has already hit the media. Imagine if the mosque, which is a place of worship, a place of worship, is being used as a sanctuary for communal terrorists. They are using this mosque to carry out terrorism. The same is true of Baitul Mukarram, the place of prayer which is already being used as a place to keep weapons.

Hefazat-e-Islam clashed with the police on May 5, 2013 while stockpiling weapons at Baitul Mukarram. This time, Baitul Mukarram witnessed the sound of weapons. Ordinary worshipers can no longer go to Baitul Mukarram in fear. Because every Friday this national mosque is now used for politics by Hefazat-e-Islam. This devastation reminds us once again of May 5th, reminds us of that bloodshed, that vandalism, the torment of the descendants of that anti-national Razakar Al-Badr.

Today they are chanting slogans in front of Baitul Mukarram, ‘Bengal will be Afghan, we will be Taliban’! If we have to hear such slogans in this Bangladesh in the fiftieth year of independence, it seems that everything is useless; Such a rich history, the loss of three million lives, the sacrifices of millions of women are faded by the boasting of these fundamentalists!

Only opposition to Narendra Modi is the main reason here or there is a different reason behind it. Many questions, even before Narendra Modi came to Bangladesh, stayed in Bangladesh for about three days, no one protested then, then no one took to the streets to create such anarchy! So what is the reason for this sudden opposition to Modi!

If Bangladesh invites any country to the golden jubilee of independence, then no one seems to have any doubt that that country will be India. Because the country that has given overall support to our epic liberation war is India. India has provided comprehensive assistance, ranging from providing shelter to one crore refugees, meeting their daily needs for nine months, donating weapons and training during the war. In fact, the main center of our liberation war was in India from where intelligence, advice, weapons, techniques all came. But we saw that whenever the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi was invited to the golden jubilee of independence, destructive activities started immediately. If you think this is because of Narendra Modi, then you need to clarify one thing.