April 15, 2021


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1 arrested in Dinajpur on fraud charges

A mobile court has sentenced Rostam Ali Akalu, 42, to ten days in jail for stealing Tk 14,000 from a van driver in Hakimpur, Dinajpur, on the pretext of getting a house allotted to him by the Prime Minister.Hakimpur Upazila Executive Officer and Executive Magistrate Mohammad Nur-e-Alam handed down the sentence on Monday (April 5) evening. He said, ‘Rostam Ali Akalu of Dakshin Madhabpara village in the same area took Tk 14,000 from Ferdous, a van driver from Chakviram village in Khattamadhab Para union of Hakimpur upazila, for giving him a house with the land given to him by the Prime Minister. When he confessed to taking the money, he returned 14,000 rupees to Rostam Ali and sentenced him to ten days imprisonment. The convicted accused is the son of Wakil Uddin of Dakshin Madhabpara village in Khattamadhab Para union of Hakimpur upazila.

BD Daily / Antra KabirThe visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh has opened up new horizons of friendship and has been able to further expand the field of bilateral relations. In addition to the five MoUs, India has made it clear that it is sincerely interested in establishing good relations with Bangladesh. Sincere initiatives have been seen, both in the field of commercial misunderstandings. Modi explained that Delhi wants to go with Bangladesh in geopolitics. Therefore, he has given priority to Dhaka tour even in the cowardly situation. Modi’s visit to Bangladesh this time in the context of several historical events. Centenary of the birth of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The golden jubilee of India’s diplomatic relations with Bangladesh. 50 years of the great liberation war of Bangladesh. That is why Modi’s visit to Dhaka is very important for historical reasons. Modi joined the Golden Jubilee celebrations of independence as an honored guest. There, he said, no one can ruin the strong ties between Bangladesh and India, Bangladesh will survive as an independent state in history. There is no force that can keep Bengal down. There is a strange similarity between Modi’s statement and his work. He is not only a believer in words, but also in deeds. So during the two-day visit, several important announcements were heard from him. Apart from signing 5 agreements, efforts are also being made to further strengthen the friendship between the two countries. India and Bangladesh have also given a positive message in working for the welfare of the people. The two leaders discussed counter-terrorism and poverty alleviation. Modi’s visit this time will be marked as historic for various reasons. 5 MoUs have been signed this time. The agreements are: 1) Cooperation in Disaster Management, Adaptation and Mitigation, 2) Cooperation between Bangladesh National Cadet Corps (BNCC) and National Cadet Corps of India (INCC), 3) Establishment of a cooperation framework to remove non-tariff barriers to trade development, 4) Implementation of IT equipment, courseware and reference books for Bangladesh-India Digital Service and Employment and Training (BGST) Center and training cooperation and 5) Implementation of a project for development of Rajshahi College ground. The five MoUs were signed in the presence of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi’s visit is not limited to 5 bilateral agreements. During the summit meeting with Prime Minister Hasina, Prime Minister Modi handed over 109 ambulances and 12 lakh Corona vaccines from India. This gift from India will further strengthen the friendship between the two countries. In his speech, Modi praised the development of Bangladesh. Apart from paying homage to Father of the Nation Bangabandhu, the way the present leadership of Bangladesh is taking the country forward has also been praised. All in all, Modi’s visit was a new direction in the development of relations between the two countries. Both countries want to work for the welfare of the people by utilizing good relations. They also discussed various plans to jointly celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh-India diplomatic relations. Narendra Modi has also invited Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to visit India next year. In fact, India and Bangladesh are reluctant to confine their relationship only to the distribution of Teesta water. There has also been a positive discussion about Teesta. India has also agreed to provide Teesta water in principle. But it is not happening now due to internal problems. In this context, the Foreign Minister of Bangladesh. AK Abdul Momen said, “It is very important for us to have the Teesta agreement. One region of our country is becoming a desert due to lack of water. We need water, they say, they have some problems. They are interested and sincere in solving this problem quickly. Not just the Teesta, but our fair share of the six common rivers has been strongly presented by our Prime Minister to the Prime Minister of India. In response, the Indian Prime Minister said that India is sincerely committed to the speedy signing of the agreement and efforts are being made in this regard. Clearly, both countries are very sincere in resolving bilateral issues. And Modi’s visit will bring long-term benefits to the people on the border at noon. Because in addition to the commitment to further strengthen the friendship, special importance has been given to the interests of economic and social development in this year’s top tour. As a result, the people of both countries will benefit. BD Daily / Farzana