April 15, 2021


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Loose lockdown in Barisal; Traders protest to keep the shop open

The district administration has set up two separate mobile courts in Barisal to implement the lockdown and ensure hygiene. A separate mobile court imposed a fine of Tk 6,800 from 10 individuals and nine organizations for breaking the lockdown and keeping the shop open and violating hygiene rules. These separate operations are conducted from Tuesday morning to noon.Assistant Commissioner of the district administration SM Rahatul Islam said, the implementation of the lockdown, including the supervision of the district administration executive magistrate. Ali Sujar’s mobile court raided various areas of the city, including Sadar Road and Chawkbazar. The mobile court also imposed a fine of Tk 6,800 on four persons for violating hygiene rules by breaking the lockdown and keeping the shop open.

Another mobile court headed by Javed Hossain Chowdhury, another executive magistrate of the district administration, conducted raids in different areas of the city and imposed fines of Tk 1,900 on six persons without masks.
During the campaign, he distributed masks among the traveling public and encouraged everyone to adhere to hygiene rules, including wearing masks to protect against corona infection. The campaign will continue in the public interest, said Assistant Commissioner SM Rahatul Islam.

Meanwhile, on the second day of the lockdown, launch-bus services on domestic and long-distance routes from Barisal were still closed. However, some three-wheelers and rickshaws are running inside the city. Hygiene has been neglected in these vehicles. Shops in different markets of the city are open. Due to the crowd of people in the market, hygiene has disappeared. Shops selling cosmetics and clothing and mobile phones are being kept open secretly in different areas of the city, including Chawkbazar, Kathpatti and church mahallas. They are selling by pulling the shutter. It is ignoring both lockdown and hygiene.

On the other hand, traders staged a procession in the city around 12 noon on Tuesday demanding withdrawal of the lockdown and keeping the shops open. At around 12 noon, the procession of traders from Chawkbazar of the city ended at the Deputy Commissioner’s Office after going around various roads of the city. There, the traders demanded the deputy commissioner to keep the shop open.

However, Deputy Commissioner Jasim Uddin Haider told them that the shops of emergency and food items have been kept open on the instructions of the government. The administration is humane in this regard. However, in the case of other businesses, there is no opportunity to show relaxation of government guidelines. Because lately, both the corona patient admission in the hospital and the corona detection rate in the PCR lab of the medical college have increased. In this situation, Deputy Commissioner Jasim Uddin Haider advised everyone to stay at home following the lockdown.

Declaring secularism as the ‘fourth pillar’ of the state, Bangabandhu said, “Bangladesh is a secular state. Secularism does not mean irreligion. Muslims will practice the religion of Muslims, Hindus will practice their religion, Christians will practice their religion, Buddhists will practice their religion. There is a meaning to this. There will be no business in the name of religion. People will not be robbed and eaten in the name of religion.

In his speech on Islam and Awami League, Bangabandhu said, “We are being propagandized against, we are not believers in Islam. My clear statement is that we are not believers in all label Islam. We are believers in Islam of justice. Our Islam is the Islam of Hazrat Rasool Kareem (SAW).” Islam has taught the people of the world the infallible mantra of justice and fairness. Our struggle is against the hypocrites who have been patronizing injustice, exploitation and deprivation on the soil of the country as proponents of Islam. They are the ones who use Islam to make the world a better place. ”

The first of the four pillars of the state declared in the policy-making speech of the Father of the Nation is a look at nationalism. Explaining nationalism, he said, “Bengali nationalism is about my Bengali civilization, my Bengali nation.”

Socialism will be the second pillar. “I do not want to rent this socialism from the world, this socialism will be the socialism of the soil of Bengal. This socialism is the socialism of the people of Bengal, it means a society without exploitation, equitable distribution of wealth. We will not allow rich people to increase wealth in Bangladesh. Bengal farmers, laborers, workers , Bengali intellectuals will enjoy the benefits of socialism in this country. ”

Bangabandhu said, “Where there is socialism, there is no democracy. I want to show the world from the soil of Bengal that I will establish socialism through democracy. I believe in individual freedom. I love the people, I am not afraid of the people. If necessary, I will go to the polls again.”

“My country is an independent country. Whether it is India, America, Russia, Great Britain, no one has the power to interfere in the internal affairs of my country as long as I live,” a group of people said. Mujibur Rahman will go to London. But Mujibur Rahman will not leave Bangladesh. Even if Mujibur Rahman leaves the people of Bengal and goes to heaven, he will not get peace. ”

Bangabandhu said, “There are good and bad people in all parties. Those who are bad are always bad. If anyone in my party commits corruption or steals, you can believe, I know how to punish him. 37 MCA-K ( MP) I have been expelled. In the future, if any MCA or party – whatever party he belongs to, or any labor leader or student leader steals, I will not forgive him. Beware of hoarders, smugglers and smugglers. I would like to warn those who are government officials in the city. “You are occupying houses, cars, shops or other people’s lands, hoarding, trying to raise prices. I will impose curfew in one area and all police magistrates will search there. So far I have not said anything.” Now I have said, I have given orders. He will still make big speeches and ride in a stolen car at night, it will not happen. I do not have to live. Dove again and again you eat rice. And dove do not try to eat rice. I get rice out of my stomach. I’ll do it. ”

Bangabandhu’s speech on the decline of Chhatra League and Juba League is memorable. He said, “If I can’t analyze myself, I can’t control myself, then I have no right to tell others. Take stock of what you have done all day and once at night. Keep track of the good and the bad today. People will listen to you the next day.” You will see, learn, love, respect. No one can do anything good by force one day. Golden people are needed to build a golden Bengal. Otherwise, even feeding Sheikh Mujibur will not be possible. ”

Author: Senior Journalist and Columnist.


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