April 15, 2021


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Ten thousand minutes of hot air burned 28 thousand hectares of paddy land!

In just 10 minutes of hot air, the life of the farmer Hadith has been ruined. Just 10 minutes of hot air has completely burnt the paddy of his 9 acres of land.Hadis Mia, a farmer from Raituti village in Itna upazila of Kishoreganj, said he planted boro on 9 acres of land with a loan of Tk 1.5 lakh at Rs 500 per thousand from a moneylender. I went to the land on Sunday afternoon and was happy to see the good yield. But all his dreams are gone in the hot storm of 10 minutes of the night. He went to the land on Monday morning and saw that it was all over.

Not only Hadith Miah, 30 katha land of Abdul Latif of Haor below Raituti, three acres of land of Lahut Milki, 15 acres of land of Tamjid Miah, five acres of land of Majid Miah, 12 acres of land of Abdul Hakim and seven acres of land of Nayan Miah have been completely destroyed.
Farmer Abdul Hakim said, “I have never seen such damage in my seventy years of life in hot air.” He said Boro cultivated 12 acres of land with a loan of Rs 5 lakh. Now it is completely ruined. He lost everything and was very speechless.

On Sunday, from 8 pm to 11 pm, rainless storms prevailed in different parts of the district. In just 10 minutes of hot air, about 26,000 hectares of paddy land in Kishoreganj haor was burnt. According to the District Agriculture Extension Department, 3,425 hectares of boro paddy land in the district has been completely destroyed. And 22 thousand 480 hectares of paddy land has been partially damaged. Crops in other parts of the district have also been severely damaged.

Chaiful Alam, deputy director of the district agricultural extension department, said the damage was caused by a hot wind without rain. In the lands where the rice blossomed, the paddy was burnt in the hot air of 34 degree centigrade.

Itna Upazila Parishad Chairman Chowdhury Kamrul Hasan said farmers in the haor depend on a single boro crop. They are lost in such a loss. In this situation many farmers will be lost if they do not get government help.

Rezwan Ahmed Tawfiq, MP for Kishoreganj-4 (Itna-Mithamin-Ashtagram) constituency, said he had directed the agriculture department to compile a list of affected farmers. Once the list is received, the Ministry will be informed in writing for assistance.


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Bangabandhu is not physically present. But there are pronunciations and echoes of his every word. And it is in any crisis of the country.

Terrorism of fanatical groups centered on the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the country. On the other hand, the death march is increasing. Corona seems to have begun to take the form of a catastrophe. At the beginning of Corona, the local people’s representatives became controversial. Many men and women have been beaten to get relief from them. Many have lost their lives due to other groups. Local elections have also been postponed. Arrests are going on all around. And the number of people affected by corona is increasing. There are rumors in the minds of the people about the steps to be taken by the government in this epidemic of corona.

The government should follow Bangabandhu’s principles and ethics. Bangabandhu adopted the state principles in the first session of the Constituent Assembly. The speech he made about it is worth following.
Bangabandhu said, “We do not believe in the principle of ‘dhak dhak gur gur’ in the arena of politics. We declare in clear language and direct what we want for the people. That is why sometimes anti-Islam, sometimes anti-state, sometimes separatist and sometimes ‘foreign pirates’ have been called.”

Even then I did not reject the truth in front of the bloody eyes – I answered with the bloody eyes. The cold touch of death fell on me as I demanded justice.