April 17, 2021


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Lockdown will be done in two and a half hours

During the seven days of lockdown, the country’s scheduled banks will be able to conduct customer transactions from 10 am to 12 noon. That is, the transaction will be two and a half hours, and the bank will be open until 2 p.m.

This information has been confirmed in a notification of Bangladesh Bank on Sunday (April 4) at noon. The notification said, the banking system will continue to operate to a limited extent. Bangladesh Bank will give necessary instructions in this regard.

At the time of the transaction, the instructions were:

A. The Bank will, at its discretion, arrange for the presence and manpower of the required manpower to ensure the smooth / uninterrupted provision of emergency banking services at the Bank’s head offices and branches. In this case, the presence of officers and employees living near the branch can be considered on priority basis. In addition to continuing banking services in the public interest, it is also necessary to ensure proper attendance of officers and employees and proper observance of the guidelines of the Government and Bangladesh Bank regarding hygiene in the office environment.

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B. All types of deposits and withdrawals as customers, Issue and acceptance of demand drafts / pay-orders, acceptance of treasury invoices, distribution of allowances / grants under various social activities of the government, repayment of foreign remittances, transfers of internal and inter-branch funds, NRB bonds and various national Ensure payment of cash and coupon on maturity of savings certificate, receipt of utility (e.g. gas / water / electricity / telephone) bills where applicable and other transaction facilities under various payment systems / clearing system introduced by Bangladesh Bank where applicable.

C. Banks operating at city corporations and district headquarters have multiple branches within two kilometers, ensuring the overall convenience of customer transactions in the case of banks with online facility for depositing and withdrawing cash, subject to the need to ensure customer service from a convenient branch (excluding authorized dealer branch). Banking activities can be conducted. However, in order to inform the customers of the closed branch about the receipt of customer service, it is necessary to ensure that it is displayed in the form of a notice in the visible place of the branch. In addition, other branches of the bank outside the online facility should be kept open.

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D. Exemption of loans already sanctioned and awaiting disbursement under special arrangements, activities under various incentives, payment of wages and allowances to workers in labor-intensive industrial areas and purchase of export bills in compliance with all loan regulations in the relevant field will continue to grant and disburse loans.

E. In order to perform important and urgent foreign transactions, transactions in the branches of foreign trade (authorized dealers) should also be continued.

F. As per DOS Circular Letter No. 24 issued on August 5, 2019 to keep the branches / sub-branches / booths of the bank located in the sea / land / airport area (port and customs area) open round the clock, in consultation with the local administration and in accordance with the port / customs authorities. Appropriate action must be taken.

G. The concerned banks will decide on the transaction schedule and activities of the agent banking at their own discretion.

H. In order to facilitate ATM and card transactions, adequate banknotes should be provided at the ATM booths and, where applicable, internet banking facilities should be maintained at all times and necessary health protection / sanitation arrangements should be ensured at the ATM booths.

J. The bank’s evening and weekly vacation banking activities will be closed until further notice. The directive was issued under the powers conferred by Section 45 of the Banking Companies Act, 1991.