April 17, 2021


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Campaign in the capital under the supervision of hygiene

On the second day of the lockdown, a mobile court conducted a raid in Dhaka on Tuesday to monitor whether the hygiene rules were being followed. These operations have been carried out in Gulshan, Dhanmondi and Sciencelab areas since morning.

The operation was conducted by Dhaka District Administration and Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC). The raid was also carried out at the spa center in Gulshan.

Dhaka District Administration Executive Magistrate Sheikh Mohammad. Mamunur Rashid conducted the operation at the corner of Dhanmondi and Science Laboratory in Dhaka. “We’re talking about people working,” he said in the first light. But it will work according to the hygiene rules. People have to abide by the rules and regulations, ”he said.

Going to the Sciencelab corner around half past one in the afternoon, it was seen that there were three cases in half an hour. The three were fined eight thousand rupees.

Executive Magistrate Sheikh Mohammad. Mamunur Rashid said, “If I see more people in CNG, I mean they are being fined.” Someone is going to the hospital on CNG, someone is going to give blood. In this case, I am releasing those who are following the hygiene rules; I am bringing those who do not comply under the law. ‘

Police told them to stop as there were two riders on the motorcycle. But the riders disobeyed and left quickly. Sciencelab, Dhaka, 6 April
Police told them to stop as there were two riders on the motorcycle. But the riders disobeyed and left quickly. Sciencelab, Dhaka, 6 April Photo: Dipu Malakar
Shishir Abedin, a CNG driver who was the victim of the fine, said, ‘He has been fined Rs 3,000 for running private CNG. I was going to Dhaka Medical with the patient. Even then he was fined. ‘

Earlier, several restaurants were raided in Dhanmondi, said Executive Magistrate Sheikh Mohammad. Mamunur Rashid. However, no one is sitting inside the restaurant, but customers are taking food by ordering online, he said.

Raid on ‘illegal’ spa center in Gulshan

The operation was carried out at a spa center at Gulshan No. 2 during the Dhaka North City Corporation’s (DNCC) hygiene monitoring operation. The raid was carried out on the basis of allegations of conducting immoral activities at an illegal spa center on the fifth floor of Jahed Plaza.

Unable to respond from inside, he broke down the door and entered the mobile court spa center. There is also a one bed room, spa equipment and a customer receipt dated today.

Mohammad Abdul Hamid Mia, chief revenue officer (deputy secretary) of Dhaka North City Corporation, who conducted the operation, told Prothom Alo, “After calling the building owner and the mechanic and breaking the lock, I saw that the environment was such that immoral activities were taking place here.” I will take legal action by confiscating everything here. ‘

Sheikh Mohammad said that the overall review will be done by looking at the footage and register book kept in CC TV camera. Mamunur Rashid.