April 15, 2021


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The blast at the mayor’s house injured 13 people, including four councilors

A sudden explosion has taken place at the residence of Mirkadim Municipality Mayor Abdus Salam in Munshiganj. Thirteen people, including the mayor’s wife and four councilors, were injured in the incident.

The blast took place at the mayor’s residence in Ramgopalpur area around 8:30 pm on Tuesday. Munshiganj Superintendent of Police Abdul Momen confirmed the news.

“I have received reports of several people being injured in the blast,” he said. The cause of the explosion is not yet known. Police and fire service members were dispatched to the scene.

Meanwhile, Shaibal Basak, a doctor on duty at Munshiganj General Hospital, confirmed that a total of 13 people, including two seriously injured, were injured in the blast.

The injured are Md. Tajul (20), Md. Mosharraf (50), Md. Monir Hossain (50), Shyamal Das (45), Panna (55), Kalu (45), Kanon, (40), Idris Ali (50), Councilor Md. Sohail (52), Councilor Awlad (48), Councilor Deen Islam (40), Mirkadim Municipality Panel Mayor Rahim Badsha (55) and Mohiuddin (52).

Injured panel mayor Rahim Badsha said, ‘We were discussing a work in the municipality at the home of a few mayors, including four councilors. Suddenly something exploded. I still can’t say what caused such an explosion. ‘

On-duty doctor Shaibal Basak said all but one have been referred to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. All of the injured have burn injuries. Among the 13, the condition of two including the mayor’s wife Kanan is critical.

Officer in charge of Sadar police (investigation) said. Kamruzzaman said members of the police and fire service were at the scene but could not say what caused the blast. The CID has been summoned. Maybe something can be said after they arrive.

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