April 15, 2021


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Illegal lease investigation committee at six airports

There have been allegations of irregularities in leasing the country’s airports. Initially 6 airports have been identified. These are: Shah Amanat International Airport, Osmani International Airport, Jessore Airport, Barisal Airport and Cox’s Bazar Airport. Some leases have been given at the air side of these airports without proper documentation. The Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism has set up an inquiry committee to determine the liability for illegal leases.

The officials in charge of the investigation are: Joint Secretary (CA) of the Ministry, Deputy Secretary (Tourism-3) Branch and Property Officer of the Civil Aviation Authority (CA). The members may increase further as the committee needs. The report has been asked to be submitted within 15 working days.
It is learned that the allegation of irregularities in leasing at the airport is long standing. The serious allegation is that some space has been leased at the airport’s air side, the documents of which have not been preserved. Apart from creating such lease documents, the issue of allotment has made the concerned people think. However, the government decided to investigate the incident to know the details. The investigation committee will look into who was involved in these incidents.
According to Bebichak, the terminal building, runway, tower at Hazrat Shah Amanat Airport in Chittagong,
There are fire stations, radar stations, residential buildings, cargo buildings and parking areas. In all, there are 636.394 acres of property. Of these, 3 car parking lots, a public toilet, 13 rooms, a restaurant and 3 shops have been leased. There are 4.6 acres of land in this sector. Two crore 20 lakh 39 thousand rupees comes in a year. Osmani Airport in Sylhet has 64 acres of land. Of this, the amount of land occupied by Bebichak is 61 acres. There is a car parking, a public toilet and 16 shops on lease. From there he gets 55 lakh 7 thousand rupees a year. Cox’s Bazar Airport has 930 acres of land. Of these, Bebichak owns 75.493 acres. Bebichak’s documents show that a car parking area is leased. According to old documents, Syedpur Airport has 137.59 acres of land. The documents show that a car parking area is leased there. Bebichak has 180 acres of land at Barisal Airport. There is also talk of leasing a car parking area. Jessore Airport has 134 acres of land. There is also a car parking area on lease, according to Bebichak’s documents.
Concerned parties also said in a 2016 document that Bebichak was not taking appropriate steps to preserve their real property information, record land and take possession. Rather, he is interested in leasing land to various organizations. It has been commented that it is not logical to give lease only without proper use of Bebichak’s land for air transport. Apart from that, development work is being hampered due to lease land case. The country currently has three international airports, five domestic airports, three closed airports, two stallports and two VH stations.