April 15, 2021


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The Prime Minister wants ‘policy support’ to increase Bangladesh-US trade

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has sought adequate policy support from the US government to expand bilateral trade. He sought the help in a video message at the inaugural ceremony of the US-Bangladesh Business Council on Tuesday.

“We import a significant amount of industrial raw materials, including cotton, soybeans and wheat, from the United States,” she said. US exporters enjoy zero duty on these products in Bangladesh. Adequate policy support is important for further expansion of trade between the two countries. The United States is our largest export destination, the largest source of foreign direct investment, a long-term development partner, and an important source of technology and training. ‘

The head of government said, ‘Bangladesh’s huge regional market of four billion people with sustainable economic growth, fast-growing domestic market and growing connectivity is a lucrative investment destination for US businessmen and investors. Bangladesh is constantly improving its infrastructure, legal and financial institutions to facilitate foreign investment. Our government is establishing 100 economic zones across the country for rapid industrialization.

Highlighting Bangladesh’s progress in the field of information technology, the Prime Minister said, “Today, Bangladesh exports more than one billion US dollars worth of ICT products to more than 70 countries, and the United States is becoming a top export destination.” According to USAID’s Comprehensive Private Sector Assessment 2019 for Bangladesh, the ICT industry in Bangladesh will grow almost fivefold by 2025 and reach about five billion US dollars.

Calling on US companies to invest in high-tech parks in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina said, “Bangladesh is setting up 27 high-tech parks for local and foreign investment in the information technology sector.”

The news that actress Nusrat Faria can sing is old. But the news that the movie has played back is new. A part of Farrier’s song is specially added in the movie ‘If but still’. Although he did not get much response by acting in it, his song is being discussed. The entire song will be released on G5 soon, Faria said.

Regarding the song, Nusrat said, “I never thought the song would blend in with the story in such a strange way. I hope everyone will like the song. ”The song‘ Kate Na Kate Na Ghor ’was written by young lyricist Someshwar Oli. Ishan has given voice in the song with Faria. And the melody is composed by Amlan Chakraborty. The movie ‘If But Still’ is directed by Shihab Shaheen.

Meanwhile, Faria has completed the work of the film ‘Bangabandhu’ based on the biography of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in a joint production of Bangladesh and India. The movie ‘Bangabandhu’ is being directed by Indian director Shyam Benegal. Nusrat Faria has played the role of Sheikh Hasina in the movie.