April 17, 2021


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The whole family is the victim of the depression of the two brothers

Police have recovered the bodies of six members of the same family of Bangladeshi descent from a house in Dallas, Texas. They went to the house in Dallas after receiving a phone call on Monday morning local time and found the bodies. The deceased were identified as Touhidul Islam, 58, his wife Irene Islam Mary, 55, two sons Tanvir Touhid, 21, and Farhan Touhid, 19, daughter Parveen Touhid, 19, and Touhid’s mother-in-law Altafunnesa, 7. Police say the family’s two university-educated brothers, Tanvir and Farhan, committed suicide after killing their father, mother, sister and grandmother. The two brothers mentioned in a Facebook note written before the incident that they were suffering from depression. Farhan, the youngest of the two brothers, detailed the history of their depression, murder plans and incidents in a long Facebook note. The two brothers were students at the University of Texas at Austin.

Nahida Ali, secretary of the Bangladesh Association of North Texas, told the BBC that the whole Bangladeshi community in Texas was shocked by the sudden incident. The family was tidy and peaceful. They had a reputation for cooperating with neighbors and others. All three kids were very talented. Farhan left a note on Facebook. There he said that he and his brother had been suffering from depression for a long time. The little boy wrote in his note that they had been receiving treatment for this for a long time. Although some of these things from the family never shared with others. After the autopsy, if the bodies are returned from the police, ancillary activities including burial will be held.

The bodies were recovered from the spot and taken for autopsy. They believe that the murder and suicide took place last Saturday. Farhan gave details of their suicides and killings of others on Facebook, noting that local police described it as a ‘story of despair’.

According to BD News, Farhan gave a long status about the incident on Facebook. There, he told the doctor that he was suffering from depression while studying in the ninth grade in 2016. For this his educational life was ruined. When the condition is serious, friends also leave him. At one point, when life is miserable, he thinks of suicide. But if he dies, the rest of the family will suffer, so he plans to kill them too. They bought a gun by associating the brother with it. Farhan writes, ‘If I commit suicide, the whole family will suffer for the rest of their lives. I don’t want that. That’s why I included my elder brother in the final decision to die with the whole family. Two brothers went to buy a gun. I will kill my younger sister and grandmother. My brother will kill my parents. After that both will commit suicide. There will be no one to suffer. ‘It has been written about buying weapons,’ It is very trivial to buy a gun. The joke is going on everywhere in the name of gun control law. Big brother went to the store. He said that guns are needed for the security of the house. When the shopkeeper handed over some forms, the brother signed them. After that I got the desired object in my hand, with which I can easily alleviate my own suffering and the suffering of my family. ‘

According to the BBC, Farhan wrote that they called their sister from New York after the two brothers planned to kill the whole family for the family get together. Although their grandmother was supposed to return to Bangladesh last month, she could not return due to the corona virus epidemic.

The family from Old Dhaka had been living in Texas for eight years and before that they had lived in New York. Among them, Touhidul Islam used to work in City Bank. Nahida Ali, secretary of the Bangladesh Association of North Texas, said more family members were in the United States and had left after receiving the news.

Meanwhile, the Pabna correspondent of our time said that the house of Irene Islam Mary, who was killed in Texas, is in Doharpara of Pabna. The news of her death along with her mother, husband and children has cast a shadow of mourning over Mary’s house in Pabna. According to relatives, Mary was married to Touhidul Islam of old Dhaka about 25 years ago. The couple has been living in the United States since their marriage. Since 2006, Mary’s mother, Altafunnesa, has often visited her daughter’s home in the United States. For the past two years, he has been with his daughter in Dallas, USA. The families and relatives of the victims have demanded the government to at least arrange for the burial of the dead on the soil of the country.