April 17, 2021


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Coronavirus police with coronavirus

Many small and large coronaviruses are roaming the streets. They are urging people to wear masks, use sanitizers and abide by all the coroner’s hygiene rules. On the second day of the lockdown, Chittagong Assistant Superintendent of Police (Raozan-Rangunia Circle) Mohammad conducted corona awareness activities in such a fancy way. Anwar Hossain Shamim.

The second wave of coronavirus infection has hit the world at a rapid pace. The number of infections and deaths is increasing every day in both global and domestic indicators. Although the government has already announced a week-long lockdown across the country in the face of deteriorating conditions, the general public is not showing much interest in complying with the lockdown. In this situation, this unprecedented initiative of ASP of Chittagong.

Visiting Pahartali Bazar area under Raozan upazila of Chittagong on Tuesday afternoon, it was seen that 30/40 policemen led by ASP Anwar Hossain Shamim were walking in the street with two huge and several small coronavirus puppets. At this time, they were giving masks as well as making people aware of the dangers of corona.

Police Force coroner took a replica of a shopkeeper at the store itself can be seen to go off. Pedestrians were anxiously lifting the mask under their chins up to the top of their noses.

In addition to the warnings of the police, the corona virus itself was advising the public in a rhythmic tone in a dubbed serious voice. ‘I’m saying corona virus …. if you want to be safe from me, put a mask on your face considering social distance. Wash your hands well with soap, I will move away from you. If you follow the hygiene rules for a few more months, I will leave the locality and go to the forest.

It is learned that this slogan was composed by Circle ASP himself. Naik Asadul Alam of Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology police outpost gave voice to corona virus in dubbing. According to multiple media sources, this idea is mainly to spread awareness about coronavirus. Although, even after the official announcement of the lockdown, people are going out, some people think that standing there is a little scary tactic!

The locals are also happy with this fancy public awareness initiative. Pedestrian Abdul Jabbar was saying, I will never see the corona virus with my own eyes, again they will warn everyone by announcing in their voices, I never thought of that. Thanks to the police administration for convincing people in such a beautiful way.

In this context, the ASP said the planner of this initiative. Anwar Hossain Shamim said, “We are trying to make people aware of the coronavirus by showing replicas of the coronavirus instead of just saying it orally.” I think it will cut more scars, especially in younger minds. I hope this will lead to a positive change in everyone’s behavior. ”

The police operation is going on in different places of Rangunia and Raozan of Chittagong. The people of North Chittagong are amazed to see that! The people of the country have noticed this strategy of the police in the atmosphere of ‘lockdown’. Chittagong police is garnering praise from netizens.