April 17, 2021


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Taslima’s controversial tweet about Moin Ali, Archer is angry

Controversial writer Taslima Nasrin can’t live without controversy. He wants to be at the center of the discussion all the time by provocative tweets on various religious issues. This time he has faced controversy by tweeting about English all-rounder Moin Ali.

Moin Ali will play for Dhoni’s team Chennai Super Kings in this year’s IPL. The English cricketer has always dominated his religion on the field of play. Due to which, he requested the CSK authorities not to keep the jersey sponsor in Chennai as it is a drug manufacturing company.

Chennai has always respected the religious sentiments of cricketers. Due to which the party simply accepted Moin’s request.

However, after Moin’s request, Taslima Nasrin wrote in a tweet that Moin Ali would have gone to Syria without playing cricket and joined ISI!

English fast bowler Joffra Archer is angry after Taslima made such provocative remarks. He is sharply criticizing the author after such an ugly tweet on Twitter. Many people think that people like him should not be on Twitter.

However, Taslima later tweeted about the issue as sarcasm. However, Archer refused to accept it as sarcasm.


In the next tweet, Archer writes, no one is laughing, probably not you either. At least Archer called for the tweet to be deleted.
In the last 24 hours, 6 people have died due to coronavirus-infected Kovid-19. At this time, 6,213 people have been identified as Corona. This is the highest identification and death in a single day so far. The information was given in a press release issued by the health department on Tuesday afternoon.

Today is the third day that more than 6,000 patients have been identified daily. Earlier, 6,008 people were identified on Sunday and 6,065 on Monday.

According to the press release, 6 lakh 51 thousand 752 people have been identified so far. And 9 thousand 374 people have died.

It further said that 34,311 samples were tested for antigen and RT-PCR from 6 am yesterday to 8 am today and another 7,213 people were identified as infected with corona. Considering the test, the detection rate is 21.02 percent.