April 14, 2021


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Amazon workers have to urinate in a bottle under work pressure!

Many employees of e-commerce giant Amazon have been forced to urinate in bottles due to work pressure. Many employees of the organization are opening their mouths after a former employee wrote a book on the subject.

A member of the US Congress tweeted about Amazon workers peeing in bottles, the Washington Post reported. Then the debate began. Although initially denied the allegations, Amazon was later forced to admit that some of its drivers in the United States had to urinate in bottles, especially in certain situations.

British journalist James Bloodworth has written a book on the Amazon. There, he claimed, he also had to urinate in a bottle while on Amazon. He later claimed that on Twitter. The tweet caused a stir on social media.

Amazon’s chief executive Dave Clark then responded to the allegations. He said such allegations were completely baseless. He also reminded that the work environment in e-commerce is very progressive. He also reminded that Amazon pays its employees ১৫ 15 per hour.

Afterwards, US Congressman Mark Pok্যানmon tweeted sarcastically to Clark, “Paying ১৫ 15 an hour doesn’t mean your work environment is progressive.”

In response, Pok্যানmon was tapped from Amazon’s official Twitter account, saying, “Do you really believe in bottle-urinating? If that were true, no one would work with us. ”

However, Amazon’s attempt to cover up this did not materialize in the end. Many employees of the organization opened their mouths in the media. They said that in many cases, plastic bottles have to be chosen as the only ‘option’ to lighten up without looking for alternatives.

Amazon changed tunes after many workers talked about the issue. In a statement, they apologized to Mark Pok্যানmon. Accepting the direct complaint, the e-commerce giant replied, ‘We know our drivers often have to deal with situations where toilets are not available. Especially if you get stuck in traffic or if you ever go to a rural area. Especially during the Covid-19, when many toilets were closed, the amount increased. ‘

However, the company claims that it is not only a problem of Amazon but also of this industry. At the same time, they assured him, “We want to solve this.” However, Pok্যানmon was not happy with their statement. He replied, ‘It’s not about me, it’s about your staff. It is a matter of their honor and dignity. ‘