April 15, 2021


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Even after standing for hours, the corona sample ticket does not match

Khuku Begum, a resident of Meradia in the capital, has been suffering from fever for five days. There is a sore throat. With a happy cough. At first he thought he had a general fever. For this he was taking medicine to cure fever. But the fever did not go away. The cough did not go away happily. This time he has doubts. Corona was rushed to Mugda Medical College Hospital before 9 am for examination. Come and see, you have to take a ticket to give a sample of Corona. Long line of people to get that ticket. Khuku Begum stood in that line.

An hour passed, two hours passed, but he did not get the ticket. About three-and-a-half hours after arriving at the gate of the hospital, the officials concerned with the ticket informed Khuku Begum that she would not get the ticket for the corona sample today. Because tickets are all over.

Khuku was extremely angry when he heard the news that he would not get a ticket. In a despairing voice, he said, he stood in the sun for three and a half hours with his sick body suffering so much. Still did not get a ticket. If you had known in advance, you would not have received a ticket today. Then he would have gone home long ago.


Khuku Begum is not alone, 40-50 others like her could not get a ticket even after waiting for three hours in a row at Mugda Hospital. But they all stood in line for hours without maintaining the minimum physical distance.

Tickets have to be taken from the gate to give a sample of corona at Mugda Hospital. Those who get tickets go to the ground floor of the hospital and come with a sample of corona. The results were later announced via text message on the mobile phone.
According to Mugda Hospital authorities, 282 corona samples are collected every day.

People line up at Mugda Medical College Hospital to sample the corona
People line up at Mugda Medical College Hospital to sample corona Photo: Prothom Alo
Mizan Talukder is 55 years old. Driver by profession. He lives with his family in Jatrabari area of ​​the capital. I have a slight fever for three days. He took common medicine for fever, but the fever did not subside. So he decided to test Corona. Mugda reached the gate of the hospital in an autorickshaw at 9 am today. Stand in the ticket power line. But he did not get the ticket even after 12 noon. You can find out later, tickets will not be given today. Mizan Talukder became very angry.

Many others like him are extremely unhappy with the hospital authorities. They have only one thing to say, where it is difficult to get a car in the lockdown, they came at nine o’clock in the morning just to give a sample of the corona with higher rent. Waited for hours. This is harassment.

“It’s a really sad incident,” said Muhammad Nurul Islam, assistant director of Mugda Hospital. As the incidence of corona increased, so did the number of people taking the sample. We collect only 262 samples every day. Some people go back every day. However, the next day they were given the opportunity to give samples on a priority basis. Registration is being introduced from tomorrow to stop this harassment. Those who provide samples will call the mobile phone used in the hospital’s telemedicine services. Their names will be listed. When, when to give the sample, it will be informed on the mobile phone.