April 17, 2021


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Lockdown in name only. Traffic jams, human jams

Public transport is also being introduced from today
It will run in all city corporation areas including Dhaka and Chittagong from 8 am to 6 pm
Azad Sulaiman Corona infections have increased alarmingly, but no one cares about the lockdown. Everything is normal except bus, train, launch and plane. The second day lockdown in the capital was even more relaxed. Private cars, rickshaws, CNG-powered and battery-powered autorickshaws and motorcycles pounded the road. The same picture outside the capital. Everything is going on the roads and highways except the passenger buses. All ferries to Mawa and Paturia have been opened for freight trucks. In such a situation, the government has announced the operation of public transport on internal routes in all city corporations. These public transports will run from today, Wednesday. However, no outside transport will enter or exit the city.

At a press conference at his official residence on Tuesday afternoon, Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said public transport services would be available in all city corporation areas, including Dhaka and Chittagong, from 8am to 6pm on Wednesday. In view of the lockdown situation, the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has conditionally reconsidered and approved the issue of public transport, taking into account the suffering of the people working in various organizations including government and non-government organizations. The conditions include that the car must be disinfected with disinfectant at the beginning and end of each trip. Transportation attendees and passengers must wear mandatory masks and ensure the use of hand sanitizer. No additional rent can be charged in any way. Long-distance public transport will remain closed as usual until further notice. The decision will take effect on Wednesday and will remain in force until further notice. He sought the cooperation of transport owners, workers and passengers in properly complying with the government’s directives to curb the spread of corona infection.

Lockdown image Private cars, CNG-powered autorickshaws, battery-powered easybikes, transport vehicles of various companies, rickshaws and motorbikes are plying the streets of the capital. Numerous people are traveling on foot. Traffic jams and human jams have also been seen in some places. The traffic department of the police did not show much activity in the traffic. The traffic department says traffic police members are working on important roads. Lawsuits are being filed against those who went out in private cars without doing much important work. As public transport is closed, 4/5 people have been seen to reach the destination by sharing a CNG without heeding the health rules. It was a day of extreme suffering for office-goers. However, the Dhaka City Corporation and the RAB-Police were active in complying with the health rules in several areas of the capital. Several people have been fined for not wearing masks in some areas of the city. Many have been fined for going out without production on various pretexts.

Even on the second day of the lockdown, public transport was the biggest crisis. The suffering of the common people was limitless. The bus alternatives were CNG-powered autorickshaws and easybikes. CNG-powered autorickshaws are going to different areas of the capital with passengers. And the autorickshaws are going to different lanes with passengers from the main road. CNG driver Jamil said that despite the government’s announcement of lockdown, the number of passengers on the road has not decreased. And if you sit down, no one will come home with food. So I came out with CNG. In the morning, a slightly different picture was seen in front of the police box in Mohakhali. The members of the traffic police are stopping any rickshaw-autorickshaw passing by on the other side. They are letting the rickshaw air. He is punishing the driver by leaving the rickshaw upside down for a while. However, CNG, private vehicles and other vehicles were passing by but they could not be stopped. The same picture can be seen in Tejgaon, Farmgate, Vijay Sarani, Ramna, Banglamotor, Shahbag and Magbazar. In the morning, a large number of private cars, rickshaws and battery-powered autorickshaws were seen on the roads. Most of the roads are jammed with three roads and intersections. Mirpur, Shewrapara, Agargaon, Chandrima Udyan, Vijay Sarani, Prime Minister’s Office and Mohakhali areas were visited and all types of vehicles except public transport were plying on the roads. Long queues of vehicles were seen at traffic signals at most points of these spots.

Meanwhile, despite the relaxation, the law enforcement agencies were active in enforcing the health rules in the capital. The Dhaka City Corporation and RAB police have increased the number of fines for violating hygiene rules in the operation of the mobile court.

Crowd in the fish market. On the second day, it was seen that despite the lockdown, buyers from different parts of the capital were buying different types of fish. To avoid the hassle of quarreling at home, he is cutting fish under the flyover outside the market and from the side of the railway line. And the wholesale buyers are going to different areas of the capital by buying fish in different vehicles. However, it is the fish sellers who have been found to be violating the hygiene rules the most. No members of the market committee or law enforcement were seen to enforce the hygiene rules. Hasan, a fishmonger, said everyone needs to be aware of corona infections. Most fishmongers in the market do not have face masks. The market committee is taking responsibility by announcing Mike. No one is taking the responsibility of inspiring everyone including fish sellers to wear masks. Not only in Kawran Bazar fish market, but also in vegetable and fruit markets, many vendors have been seen selling without masks. The number of buyers wearing masks was higher than that.

Talking about masks

॥ Mask is the main adjunct to hygiene in lockdown. Even today, many incidents have taken place with the mask. The role of law enforcement with masks was zero tolerance. A mobile court of RAB has fined 25 people Tk 12,100 for not following health rules in Motijheel Shapla Chattar area. In addition, free masks were distributed among more than 600 people. Executive Magistrate Palash Kumar Basu of RAB headquarters led the two-hour operation from 12 noon. RAB-3 cooperated in the operation. At the end of the operation, he said, legal action has been taken in the mobile court against those who are not wearing masks and those who are wandering outside without any reason, in order to enforce the government’s directives.

The most interesting thing is that the person who sells the mask is punished for making the public aware without the mask. For this he has to pay a fine of a thousand rupees. This mask trader named Md. Abu Kalam of Tongi was caught by the mobile court of Dhara Khan Radhab. The mobile court of RAB asked him to stop as he was not wearing a mask while leaving Motijheel. Seeing the members of the RAB, he said, ‘Sir, I do the mask business. There is a mask but it is not worn. Later, a mobile court of RAB fined him one thousand rupees.