April 17, 2021


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Architect poet Bashirul Haque

‘Mia, you didn’t do a good job,’ said Bashir’s brother, placing his hand on my shoulder, naturally with a heavy neck. He added, ‘You scored a lot of points for your wife. Putting us in danger. ‘Standing next to him, his close friend Mitbhashi Hasan Bhai (owner of Dipta TV) nodded. Bashir Bhai’s statement after showing a video of a poem recited by him and me at a private function on my wife Riya’s birthday. The video titled ‘Jugalbandi’ was basically about how we have gone through 34 years of ups and downs in our lives, working as partners to fulfill each other’s dreams. Needless to say, there was some description of their love in the poem.


Architect poet Bashirul Haque

Bashir was introduced to his brother in 1986, on the day of the Commonwealth Scholarship interview organized by the University Grants Commission. He went to accompany his wife Firdaus Azim, an English teacher at Dhaka University. Having to wait a long time, a small chat took place on the first day of the introduction.

Although I did not know much about him that day, I was informed within a few days. Bashirul Haque, a well-known architect of the country, was a gentleman who could open his heart and smile. Despite a slight age gap with him, the relationship with the Haq-Ferdous couple quickly became close.

Bashir’s brother and Ferdous Azim were among the few people who received special help in rehabilitating a family with two children after we returned to the country after completing our higher education abroad in the early nineties. The two of them were our reliable advisors on many important matters of family life, including the education of the children and the construction of houses on the property given by the father.

Relationships deepen, go-coming leads; Increases the number and level of chats. That’s not what they plan to do; It could have happened spontaneously. The children of the two families used to visit Sanbeem School in Dhanmondi regularly.
After getting good results in A level and SAT exams, Bashir’s brother was very interested in my son Rashad going to study abroad. He spent a lot of time sharing the knowledge gained by Bashir’s brother as a guardian, thanks to his own son Ren জ্ঞান going abroad for higher education in the same process a few years ago. Whether he will be admitted to the Liberal Arts College or the university, he is doing research. There is a lot of discussion about which educational institution Rashad will apply to with his SAT exam number. At the same time, he advised the teenager, who is seeking admission in the United States, about the essay that he has to write for the admission application.


Bashir’s brother was one of the few people I was eager to share the news with after I graduated as a proud parent and got a job teaching at a university. Achieving the education of himself and the children of his close ones particularly touched him. When he heard the news of my daughter’s marriage, he said with regret, “You have arranged everything, Mia. We don’t want to get married. ‘

Bashir’s brother’s house on Indira Road was like an oasis in the desert of monotonous, fixed, conformist restrictions on social practice. Providing the necessary logistics to meet the special pleasures of the meager salary of a university job was a big challenge. At the same time that product was not readily available at that time. So Bashir’s brother’s door and bar were open for me to fulfill the hobby from time to time. One of the focal points of our life’s unadulterated jovial chat is the modern red brick building of the Haq-Firdaus couple, which is covered with green vines. The building, its occupants and the pet dog seemed to be always ready for unscheduled chats from time to time. In this friendly and hospitable home, I have often seen foreign researchers, teachers and activists unhesitatingly coming and going and eating with equal rights for family members.

Hours upon hours would pass in the company of like-minded friends, from literature, music, art to politics. One night after a great chat I could not trust to drive home. Bashir’s brother quotes, ‘Mia, have confidence in yourself. I will be able to reach well. ‘I reached home properly that night. For the rest of his life, he helped in gaining self-confidence and other achievements.

In 1993, Bashir’s brother organized a big party for the publication of his wife Firdaus Azim’s book ‘The Colonial Rise of the Novel’ published from abroad. At one stage of the ceremony, Perth, the youngest son of the Asar Mata family, entered the house with a copy of the newly published book in mind. I still remember the look on the face of Bashir’s brother who was proud to have a wise wife. There was not much talk with him about architecture. But I remember one of these humorous architects. By the way, one day he said that he never put a verandah in front of the house in any design due to his tasteless tendency to put clothes in the sun on the verandah of a Bengali house. Undoubtedly, this argument is irrefutably aesthetically pleasing.

In his honor, Professor Adnan Morshed described the building built by Bashirul Haque as a livable poem and wrote, ‘His poems are composed of bricks, greenery, light-air and touch. The success of weaving indigenous and modernity has made the creation of this architect unique. Bashir was a staunch advocate of sustainable architecture. ‘Recalling her husband’s fame, Firdaus Azim wrote that the architect, who grew up in a village, tried all his life to connect contemporary life with rural sources. How to use space to plant shrubs