April 14, 2021


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The decision to open the market could be made next week

No decision is being taken at the moment to open the market shopping mall and shopping mall during the lockdown. There is currently no chance of the market opening in the first seven days due to the rise in corona infections and mortality. However, in the face of demands from traders, the government may take a “positive” decision on the issue by next week, with the highest priority on monitoring the situation and the economy. In this case, the traders have to strictly follow the health rules announced by the government on their own initiative. The traders have demanded to open the markets and shopping malls during the lockdown ahead of Pohela Boishakh and Eid. Traders of markets and shopping malls in different parts of the country including Dhaka have been agitating for this purpose. However, considering the situation in Corona, the concerned people have advised them to be patient and tolerant.

It is learned that the Cabinet Division has decided to review the ‘lockdown’ again. A meeting is scheduled to be held again on Thursday. On Monday, Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam told the Secretariat that the next decision on the lockdown would be taken on Thursday. Besides, the first seven days of lockdown will end on Sunday, April 11. An announcement will also be made whether the lockdown will remain in force or not before that time. However, the Bangladesh Shop Owners Association has demanded the opening of markets, shopping malls and shopping malls in the Prime Minister’s Office and the Cabinet Division.

There was no immediate word on the traders’ demands. In this regard, the President of Bangladesh Shop Owners Association Md. Helal Uddin told Janakantha that traders across the country have demanded to open markets and shopping malls. Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister on behalf of the association. Talks have been held with Ahmed Kaikaus and Cabinet Secretary Khandaker Anwarul Islam. Besides, the association is preparing to give an official letter. He said the matter was being discussed at a high level of government but no decision had been taken yet. Hopefully, the government will take a decision to open markets and shopping malls in view of the first Boishakh and Eid sales.

It is learned that people across the country are worried about the increase in corona infection and death rate. Even in the midst of the lockdown, the city dwellers do not seem to be enthusiastic about following the hygiene rules. Due to this the infection is considered to be increasing rapidly. In this situation, if the market and shopping mall are opened, the hygiene rules prescribed by the government will have to be strictly followed. Otherwise the Corona situation is expected to deteriorate further. Most of the shops in the capital, including the raw market, have been kept open. The sale is going on from 8 am to 4 pm. Crowds of buyers can be seen in the markets. According to the traders, the traders go all year round for the sale of the first Baishakh and Eid festivals. There were no sales last year due to Corona. If the market and shopping mall are closed again, the traders will try to sit on the road. In this context, the senior secretary of the Ministry of Commerce. Md. Zafar Uddin told Janakantha that they have come to know about the demand to open markets and shopping malls. But any decision on this could be made at the Lockdown Review meeting. No one else has the authority to make decisions. He said the seven-day lockdown is now underway.

It is learned that traders are protesting in different parts of the country including New Market for the third day in a row demanding the opening of the market. The traders who took part in the protest demanded that the market be kept open at certain times of the day in compliance with the hygiene rules. These stores have been instructed to close due to government restrictions to prevent coronavirus infection. Asaduzzaman, a businessman from Gauchia Market, told Janakantha that the government should think that if the business establishment does not survive, the country will not survive. We want to keep the market open for a certain period of time. I don’t know what will happen if the shop is not open in Ramadan. I could not make up for last year’s loss. If the market has to be closed again, there will be no other way but to sit on the road.

It is learned that small traders have suffered the most due to the restrictions imposed by the government to prevent the rapid transmission of corona. This time the restrictions have given the opportunity to keep the factories open, but the shopkeepers, restaurants, vegetable sellers, including less capital traders have been imposed relatively strict restrictions.