April 15, 2021


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A maximum of 6 people died in one day in Corona

Coronavirus infection has reached alarming proportions in the country. A new record of death and identification of corona infection was set in the country on Tuesday. Every day new records are being created beyond the previous record. There is panic among the people about the infection. Patients are rushing from one hospital to another, but nowhere is the treatment matching. Patients are admitted side by side in public and private hospitals. Hospitals do not have Intensive Care Units (ICU) beds. Lack of ICU increases the risk of death.

Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during coronary heart disease. According to legal experts, Max should be worn in the interest of the people for his own benefit. Awareness needs to be raised. If no one wears a mask, they should be strictly brought under the law.

There have been new records of deaths and identification of corona infections in the country. 6 patients have died in the last 24 hours in Corona. With this, the number of deaths in the country increased to 9,384. Earlier, the highest death toll on June 30 last year was 74. On the other hand, 6,213 people have been identified in 24 hours. This number of identities is also the highest in a single day in the country so far. With this, the total number of identities in the country increased to 6 lakh 51 thousand 752. Earlier, on Sunday (April 4), a maximum of 6,008 patients were identified in one day. Besides, the health department has identified more than 6,000 patients for three consecutive days. This information was given in a press release signed by Additional Director (Administration) of the Department of Health, Prof. Dr. Mirzadi Sebrina Flora on Tuesday.

According to experts, compensation has to be paid due to non-compliance with hygiene rules and non-confirmation of institutional quarantine of foreign returnees. People have to be forced to follow hygiene rules. Although 100% of the people in the country are advised to follow the necessary hygiene rules (not going out of the house unnecessarily, 100% of people wear masks when they go out, wash their hands frequently with soap or sanitizer, avoid public gatherings), most people do not follow it. As a result, the number of coronary heart disease deaths is increasing by leaps and bounds. No one is immune from coronavirus and death from all walks of life, including top government officials, ministers, state ministers, secretaries, members of parliament, businessmen, bankers, journalists, doctors and nurses.

There has been panic among the people as they have not been treated in the hospitals where corona has been identified. Every person in the country has to follow hygiene rules to stop the spread of infection. Meanwhile, a record number of samples are being tested every day. The number of people affected by corona and death has been increasing for 7 consecutive days.

The Department of Health has announced a jail term for anyone who goes out without a mask. Sometimes if you don’t wear a mask in different places, you are being fined. But it is relatively low. It is learned that under the Infectious Diseases Prevention Act, if anyone comes out without a mask, he will be jailed for 6 months or fined Rs 1 lakh or both. But questions have been raised about whether this law is being obeyed or enforced at all. There are laws but they are not enforced.