April 17, 2021


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Boro paddy is wasted in Phulpur due to rising temperature, farmers are worried

Despite a bumper crop in Phulpur, Mymensingh, the farmer’s dream was blown away by a sudden gust of wind and a hot wind on Sunday afternoon in some places. In particular, the sheaves of Bri-28 and 28 paddy have died and turned white. There is no rice in that paddy tree. Everything is sticky. On Tuesday afternoon, when I visited the paddy fields in Dhitpur and Matichapur villages of Rahimganj union of the upazila, I saw such a scene in Bri 26 and 27 paddy fields in a huge field.

At this time we talked to the local farmers. Jalal Uddin, 65, a farmer from Dhitpur village, said, “Our fields are out of hija and dying. All the rice is turning white. ‘His eyes widened as he spoke. He added, “Our bills are also dead. The dream of this field has been shattered. ‘

Farmer Nurul Haque said, ‘I have not rented any peas yet. Meanwhile, the rest of Dohan Jute. I am bringing fertilizers, oil, pesticides. How do I pay for this? ‘
Locals said the fields had been good for so long. On Sunday afternoon a sudden hot wind came. This is the condition of the field from the next day. The affected farmers have sought the cooperation of the government to compensate for this loss.

Asked about this, Deputy Assistant Agriculture Officer Samira Akhter said, “It is not a disease but a natural disaster.” In particular, the disaster has spread over Brie 26 and 27 paddy. The hot winds and gusts of wind on Sunday could not stand the rice.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Abdullah Al Mamun said the same. “It’s not just in our Phulpur but also in other parts of the country,” he said. Older varieties especially Brie 26 and 27 are very sensitive. The paddy could not withstand the hot and windy weather on Sunday.

He added that about 15 hectares of land in 10 unions of the upazila have been damaged. Especially the farmers of Rahimganj are more affected.