April 14, 2021


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Manchester City is not getting relief even after winning

The biggest discussion of the match was around Arling Harland. Manchester City is ahead in the race to get this Dortmund striker. Everyone was interested in how the Norwegian striker played on the field of that potential future team. Despite not being able to score a goal, the German winger Marco Royce’s goal helped the striker to prove his worth.

Dortmund canceled such a goal!

And because of this one goal, Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola’s forehead is full of worries. The goal is the goal away from Dortmund! City now need to make sure they don’t slip on Dortmund’s field in any way. Apart from this, City did not have any problem to win the first leg of the quarter final against Dortmund at home. They beat Dortmund 2-1 with two goals from Kevin de Bruyne and Finn Foden.

As usual, Guardiola has also experimented with the XI of this match. Right-back Joao Cancello played as a left-back, Sergio Aguero-Gabriel Jesus did not play a striker, but Portuguese winger Bernardo Silva as a striker. Rahim Sterling was not in the original XI.


De Bruyne’s goal in the 19th minute gave City the lead. Dortmund’s English winger Jude Bellingham’s goal in the 35th minute was canceled out by referee Ovidio Hategan. City’s Brazilian goalkeeper snatched the ball from Ederson’s leg and scored the goal, but the referee canceled the goal due to a reverse foul. Bellingham sees a yellow card. German winger Marco Royce scored in the 64th minute of the second half after getting the ball from Harland.

The fear of losing the sure victory in the mind of the city. Although they did not lose the victory. Phil Foden’s goal at the very last moment, City left the field with the victory. However, in the second leg to be held at home next week, Dortmund will definitely want to fill this gap. And if it can’t do that, then the city will benefit. They will then advance to the semis for the first time under Guardiola.

“We are definitely going to win in Germany,” Guardiola was quoted as saying in the post-match press conference, noting that the next leg would be played with the ultimate offensive mentality. Going to score goals. Not going to save. Our ball movement, press, build-up — we all need to do better. ‘