April 17, 2021


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Corona is positive again, Abul Hayat took treatment at home

Abul Hayat received the Corona report from the hospital bed. The veteran actor came back positive in that report. According to the doctors’ advice, he will have to stay in quarantine for 14 days again. However, he no longer has to stay in the hospital. Considering his physical condition, he is much healthier now than before. Now take regular treatment at home.

Talking to actor Abul Hayat, he told Prothom Alo that he should not be treated at home. Although Corona is positive, she does not have any such symptoms in her body now. Now he is healthier than before. He also has no other physical complications. “I came home this evening,” he said. Must be supervised by regular physicians. Must take regular medication. I’m fine now. Spending time at home. I wish blessings to all, so that I can get back to normal life as soon as possible. ‘

Abul Hayat was away from shooting the drama at the beginning of Corona last year. He has acted in a few plays with caution. Among them was regularly shooting a series on Channel I. The shooting unit used to provide special security for him during that shooting as well. The play is written and directed by Taukir Ahmed. The name of the series is Rupali Jyotsnaya. Apart from this, he has acted in a few solo dramas and TV movies in the last one year. He used to spend most of his time at home as there was no shooting. In addition to giving time to his family, he spent his time reading and writing books. Two books written by this actor have been published in the current book fair. The story book is called Rain of Dreams and the drama book is called Two Stage Drama.

The doctors have decided what to eat for the next 10 days after returning home. Even instructions on what to do have been given. After returning home, he is following the advice of the doctors first.

Last Monday, the actor told the doctors in the first light, now as much as possible, the white part of the egg should be eaten. If possible, seven or eight a day. They said to eat a lot of protein. If the fish eats one piece at normal time, then it should eat two pieces now. If I used to eat two pieces of chicken, now I should eat four pieces. ‘

He was admitted to the hospital on March 31 after receiving a positive report from Corona. Doctors were very careful about the actor as he was wearing a heart stent. Apart from that, his physical condition was somewhat serious at the time of hospitalization. At one point he needed plasma. It is available in a short time. For these reasons, the doctors have served him very seriously from the very beginning. Abul Hayat thanked the doctors for this. He said he did not need any oxygen support from the beginning. Breathing and eating were also very normal. At first he could not eat at all. But since he became ill, doctors have told him to eat a lot. Abul Hayat said, ‘I could not eat before. Other than that, the doctors are amazed at my age and physical condition, which I have come back to well. ‘