April 17, 2021


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Do not treat in a terrible crisis

Shahriar Hossain, a resident of Rampura in the capital, received a positive report on April 1. The 72-year-old has high blood pressure and diabetes. He has been suffering from shortness of breath since April 3. He was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital on the advice of a doctor. After two days the condition deteriorated and severe shortness of breath started. Doctors said to take him to ICU. But there is no ICU vacant in Dhaka Medical. Relatives used to go to the doors of various government hospitals in Dhaka in search of ICU. Meanwhile, the patient is fighting with death due to lack of oxygen. He was finally admitted to Sheikh Russell Gastroliver Institute Hospital at 10 pm when an ICU bed was empty.

Shahriar Hossain’s son-in-law Mirza Alimuddin said, “We went to every government hospital for ICU. There are no cars on the road and I went to government hospitals with CNG for several times rent. We cannot afford the ICU of a private hospital. It’s hard to say, but the truth is that the ICU is empty when one’s life is gone. Then another dying patient is being taken to the ICU. In this crisis, the patient’s condition is deteriorating due to not getting treatment at the right time. Death is on the rise. ‘

According to the Department of Health, the first corona patient was identified in the country on March 6 last year. Then the infection increases. In June-July the transmission speed was upward. A maximum of 64 deaths occurred in July. But breaking this record, 6 people died due to corona in the country yesterday. And records are being made every day for infections. 7 thousand 213 people were also infected yesterday. A huge crisis is being created in the hospitals to treat this huge number of patients. Less than three days after being infected with the second wave of corona, many patients are developing physical complications. The lungs are severely damaged. Going to the hospital with shortness of breath
Patient. High flow oxygen and ICU are required. But treatment does not match the bed crisis. Among them health workers are also being affected. Many doctors and nurses are being attacked for the second time. As a result, the hospitals are struggling to treat a large number of patients with low manpower and short beds.

According to the Department of Health, 10 ICUs were vacant in the government hospital yesterday. No ICU was vacant at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Kurmitola General Hospital, Government Employees Hospital, Sheikh Russell Gastroliver Hospital and Rajarbagh Police Hospital. There were three vacancies in Kuwait-Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, only one in Dhaka Medical College Hospital and Burn Unit and six vacancies in Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital. However, even though the government has shown 10 vacancies, the relatives are not able to take the patients and get them admitted. Even after calling the MP-Minister, the ICU in the government hospital is not available. Till yesterday, 15 ICU beds were vacant in the private hospital of the capital. Of these, four ICUs were vacant at Square Hospital, eight at United Hospital and three at Evercare Hospital. In Chittagong, 15 ICU beds were vacant in government hospitals and 10 in private hospitals. Among the government hospitals, Chittagong Medical College Hospital had eight beds, BIIT had five beds and General Hospital had two beds. Among the private hospitals, 10 ICU beds were vacant at Holy Crescent Hospital. The crisis in the health sector came to the fore after the onset of corona infection last year. On July 9 last year, there were 14,945 beds for corona patients across the country. There were 394 ICU beds. There were 8,305 ordinary beds and 142 ICUs in the capital. On September 9, there were 14,313 beds and 548 ICUs for corona patients across the country. Dhaka Hospital had 8,105 beds and ICU had 306 beds. On March 9 this year, there were 10,263 beds and 58 ICU beds for corona patients across the country. Dhaka Hospital had 3,193 beds and ICU had 261 beds. Yesterday, there were 9,006 beds and 598 ICU beds for corona patients across the country. The hospital in Dhaka had 3,038 beds and 306 ICUs. In these nine months, the number of general beds in the hospital has decreased by 5,259 and the number of ICUs has increased by 203. In this regard, the director of the Department of Health (Hospital and Clinic) said. Farid Hossain Mia told Bangladesh Pratidin, “We have added 100 more ICU beds to hospitals in the capital as coronavirus infections have increased in March this year.” Of these, 10 ICU beds have been increased in Dhaka Medical College Hospital, Mugda General Hospital, Shaheed Suhrawardy Hospital and Kurmitola General Hospital. Besides, work is underway to increase the number of ICU beds in Mohakhali DNCC Market Hospital. He added, “Increasing the number of ICU beds in the hospital is not a problem but there is a shortage of skilled manpower. Special skilled physicians, nurses and brothers are needed to run the ICU unit. We have a manpower crisis. ”Corona infection has been on the rise since the beginning of March this year. On February 28, the patient identification rate was 2.6 percent. The next day, on March 1, the detection rate increased to 4.31. Yesterday, the rate of corona infection was 21.02. Coronavirus was found in the bodies of 6,213 people after testing 34,311 samples. In the last three days, 21,365 people have been infected with corona. But there are 9,006 common beds in the whole country. Most Corona patients are receiving treatment at home. Among them, the patients who need treatment in the hospital are suffering. The patient’s condition is deteriorating as he is not getting a bed in the hospital. Corona death is on the rise. In the last three days, 181 people have died due to corona. In this regard, the national aIrrigation Advisory Committee Member Virologist Prof. Nazrul Islam told Bangladesh Pratidin, “We have been fighting with Corona for more than a year. Last year there was an ICU crisis in the hospital, this year too. There are ICUs in 28 districts but not in 36 districts. Patients from this district are coming to Dhaka hoping to survive. Infection is high in Dhaka, there is already a crisis. Patients have come so far to see that there is no ICU. In the ICU crisis, the patient’s physical condition is deteriorating due to lack of oxygen, and death is on the rise. Despite the passage of time, our situation has not changed. ‘Health and Family Welfare Minister Zahid Malek said,’ If government directives are not followed now, both infection and death in Corona could get out of control in the future. We have become so reckless, I don’t think we will be affected by Corona. The origin of the corona must be closed. Otherwise, we will not get cool with the treatment of corona, ”he said while inspecting the progress of preparation of 200 new corona ICU beds and 1000 isolation beds at Mohakhali Dhaka North City Corporation Market Hospital. The DNCC Market Hospital may be inaugurated in the next two weeks, the health minister said.