April 15, 2021


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If Mamunul commits a crime, he will be tried

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said the government would take a tough stance to prevent violence, citing the loss of innocent lives in various places on various pretexts. He told reporters after a meeting at the Secretariat on the law and order situation. Asked about the case against Mamunul Haque, the Home Minister said, “If he commits a crime, there will be a case. The case will proceed at the speed of the case.” No one has a hand there. Whoever commits the crime will be prosecuted and if he commits the crime, the court will try him according to the law. “We have noticed another thing, recently the Upazila Land Office, Tehsil Office has been set on fire,” he added. The people of the area will be harmed if the fire is set here. The land offices control the ownership, survey and naming of the land there. If his records are burnt, the people of the area will suffer. What we saw was that many land offices were burnt down during the war of independence, so it took many years to bring it into a system. We have done that in Hathazari, Brahmanbaria, Saltha Upazila without any reason, without provocation. I would also call on the people of the area concerned to protest and if the land office is damaged they will suffer, they should protest in that place. “We have held the meeting to maintain law and order,” he said. We have seen innocent people lose their lives in violence without any excuse.

Among those who lost their lives in other places including Brahmanbaria, there were more outsiders than madrassa students, more ordinary people. We don’t want anyone to be killed. We have decided to maintain law and order, we will take strict action and if necessary, district level magistrates, police superintendents and other law enforcement agencies are sitting where they will do whatever is necessary to maintain law and order. Asaduzzaman Khan said, “We have decided not to spare anyone wherever there is sabotage.” All measures will be taken according to the law against those who commit sabotage and will be identified by the law enforcement agencies and will be found guilty. So that they do not try to make this happen. That was our decision in the long meeting.

Law enforcement agencies have not yet been able to confirm the woman staying with Mamunul Haque at the elite Royal Resort in Sonargaon, Narayanganj. Daisara’s statement on the sensitive issue at a protest rally at Dhaka Reporters’ Unity last Sunday and the latest video message from Hafeez Shahidul Islam and Jannat Ara Jharna’s eldest son Abdur Rahman seem to have added fuel to the fire. However, suddenly questions have been raised about not finding Baba Hafeez Shahid and Abdur Rahman. Those involved in the investigation claim that they will bring out the real picture of the incident. At the same time, those responsible will be unmasked.

It is learned that the police are investigating the location of Mamunul Haque and Jannat Ara Jharna at the Royal Resort in Sonargaon and all the incidents that took place later. Investigators have collected video of Maulana Mamunul’s location at the resort and multiple CCTV footage of him being snatched by custody guards. They say all possible aspects are being explored in the interest of a proper investigation. The various conversations that went viral on social media are also being verified whether it is actually Maulana Mamunul Haque.

Narayanganj Superintendent of Police Zaidul Alam told Bangladesh Pratidin that those involved in attacks on police, obstruction of law enforcement, street fires and vandalism of installations would be traced. Legal action is being taken against those involved in the violence.
Meanwhile, it has been alleged that Hafez Shahidul Islam, the ex-husband of the woman who was staying at the Royal Resort with Maulana Mamunul Haque, has been arrested. He was arrested as DB from Sonadanga Gobarchaka area of ​​Khulna. Sonadanga Talimul Millat Madrasa (Khalasir Madrasa) President yesterday. Imdadul Haque Khalasi gave this information. Hafez Shahidul Islam was the teacher of the custody of that madrasa.

Talimul Millat Madrasa President. Imdadul Haque Khalasi said Shahidul Islam was arrested from his house on Sunday morning. At that time they also took his eldest son Hafez Abdur Rahman. However, neither Sonadanga police nor DB police have acknowledged the arrest. Meanwhile, Hafeez Shahidul Islam has been absent from the madrasa for the last two days. It is known that Shahidul Islam has a family relationship with Mamunul Haque. Shahidul Islam divorced his wife Jharna Begum a few years ago after falling in love with an expatriate. After that, Jharna Begum’s relationship with that expatriate did not last long. Meanwhile, after divorcing his first wife, Shahidul Islam is marrying another woman. The marriage took place at the Astana Jame Mosque in Khulna. There has been a lot of buzz in the area over the last two days.

Sources close to the investigation say that it is still unclear whether the woman who was with Maulana Mamunul during his stay at the Royal Resort was in fact his wife. Several teams from different agencies including police are working to ensure the matter. Although the name of Maulana Mamunul Haque’s wife Amina Tayyab is mentioned in the registration form of the resort, her real name is Jannat Ara Jharna. Father is freedom fighter Oliyar Rahman. The village home is in Kamar village of Alfadanga police station in Faridpur. However, none of the villagers are aware of Jharna’s second marriage. Her father himself said that she got married to Hafez Shahidul Islam alias Shahidullah when she was nine years old. The house of the martyrs is Chitalmari in Bagerhat. He has two children in that family. They got divorced two and a half years ago.

Sources further said that after analyzing some of the conversations that went viral through social media, it was understood that Maulana Mamunul’s sister and first wife were not aware of his second marriage. However, it is being investigated whether the conversations are actually of Maulana Mamunul or not. Then Mamunul Haque came on Facebook Live and said that he was married to the wife of his close friend. This marriage has been a family affair.

The next day, she wrote on her Facebook status that it was a human marriage, and that she had tried to save the family before her husband divorced her. After the divorce, the girl fell into misery. At that time she married him.