April 14, 2021


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Torture of hill terrorists in Matiranga

In Matiranga upazila of Khagrachhari, in Tabalchhari and Taindang, the local Bengali people are living a life of terror in the face of armed terrorists. Armed terrorists are establishing a reign of terror in the area by beating, firing and setting fire to drive out the Bengalis.

According to local sources, in the light of the Hill Tracts Peace Accord, the brutal attack of the UPDF (Prasit) terrorists on the occasion of the removal of the army camp endangered the lives of the Bengalis in Matiranga. The UPDF has been trying to extort money and expel Bengalis for some time to dominate the area. Due to this, on 4th and 5th April, they carried out infernal attacks in Tabalchhari of Matiranga and Shuknachhari, Islampur, Laifupara and Pambari of Taindong.

It is learned that at around 10:30 am on April 4, 20-25 Bengalis working in Lifukarbari Para were suddenly surrounded by 12-15 armed terrorists and beaten and 15-20 rounds of bullets were fired to intimidate them. At that time four Bengalis were seriously injured. The miscreants fled before Bangladesh Pratidin members of the security forces reached the spot. At around 8 am the next day, the terrorists again entered the Bengali village, beat them severely and drove them out of the house. At around 9 pm on the same day, 50-60 armed terrorists attacked the Bengali village, beat the Bengalis and drove them out of their houses. Later, when the news spread around, Bengalis from Muslimpara, Islampur, Shuknachari and surrounding villages gathered at Taindang Bazar. When they chased, the terrorists cut down more than 300 teak trees at Mofiz Mia Segunbagan in Pangbari, Muslimpara. Then innocent Anu Mia set fire to the tea shop and left. The sub-inspector of Tabalchhari police outpost confirmed the incident.
According to local Bengalis, the withdrawal of army camps from the area has led to an increase in attacks by hill terrorists. A security crisis has been created among the Bengalis. As a result, the terrorists are getting the courage to attack the Bengalis without any hindrance. Under the terms of the 1997 Hill Tracts Agreement, the government withdrew 240 army camps from the Chittagong Hill Tracts. After this, the armed terrorist groups in the hills have increased the level of torture on the Bengalis.

Currently, the situation in the area is tense. Security forces have stepped up patrols in fear of another attack. Yesterday, the local MP, the regional commander, the zone commander and the deputy commissioner visited the site of the attack.