April 17, 2021


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The fair is now a thorn in the side of publishers

When the Bangla Academy decided to cancel the Ekushey Book Fair due to the global disaster, the Bangla Academy was forced to organize it in the face of protests from the publishers. That is why the month of language fair is held in February and the month of independence is in March. The book fair, which was found through protests and movements, has now become a thorn in the side of publishers. Due to the change in the schedule, the fair grounds have become book-free to keep the fair running from 12 noon to 5 pm in the ongoing lockdown. Defending publishers are now demanding the closure of the fair thinking of their own financial loss. They say, on the one hand, there is fear in the minds of the people due to the increase in corona infection, on the other hand, public transport is closed due to lockdown. It is natural that people will not come to the fair with so many adversities. If people do not come, then what is the benefit of keeping the fair going? We have no choice but to sit in stalls and pavilions and kill flies. Most of our publishers now demand that the book fair be closed in order to protect it from further damage. They say that the Bangla Academy did not close the fair even in this lockdown so that the publishers could not seek compensation from the Bangla Academy. People don’t come from 12 to 5 o’clock, and they won’t come to the lockdown. Therefore, publishers are affected in every way. Closing the fair now demands the lives of publishers. According to them, if the fair is closed now, the publishers will be protected from major losses. But the Bangla Academy says that they are continuing the activities of the fair as per the instructions of the government upper house.

“We have banned 12 of our staff,” said Masud Rana, a retiree. Because in this situation it is not possible to keep them with us. I have been competing for the last 24 years, I have never read in such a situation. Although this year’s book fair is going on in the face of protests from publishers, now the publishers want the fair to be closed. Because as long as the fair lasts, the loss of publishers will also increase. ‘

Shawkat Hossain Litu, proprietor of Parijat Prakashan, said, “People are afraid that corona is on the rise. If people don’t come, who will we sell books to? Therefore, it is better for us to close the fair. ‘Alamgir Aranya, who works in the bookstore, said,’ We had 18 staff in the pavilion. Our staff cannot come to the fair as public transport is closed. How will the buyers come there? We could not keep them with us in this recessionary situation. I don’t understand what it means to keep this fair going. ‘
This is what most publishers and publishing houses said on the 20th day of the fair yesterday. Meanwhile, from 12 noon to 5 pm, 1.5 million square feet of the Suhrawardy Udyan of the fair was almost without visitors. Not to mention the number of people who have come to the fair.

20 stalls closed to protect from big losses: Book fair is now almost without buyers as public transport is closed in lockdown. In this situation, 20 publishers of the Engineering Institute part closed their stalls yesterday to protect themselves from major financial losses. The closed stalls are Intamin, Ichhamati, Shaili, Gaurab, Swaravritta, Ekaranga Ek Ghuri, Rabeya, Gatidhara, Bateshwar, Nymphia, Babui, Nowroz, Nru, Sulekha, Shilpataru, Hasi, Desaj. ASM Yunus, proprietor of the publishing house Intamin, said on behalf of the affected publishers, “This year’s fair did not go well. After that the fair was brought at 9 pm and at 7.30 pm. The fair is being closed when it freezes. I proposed a new schedule from 4pm to 8pm. But the Bangla Academy is working according to their whims. And after the lockdown, the fair has passed away. What is the benefit of holding a fair when people are not able to come to the fair due to the closure of public transport? The money spent on daily commute and food is not being sold. The losses will be a little less now that I have stopped. The Bangla Academy did not stop to pay compensation. Due to which we had to take a decision that forced us to protect ourselves from even greater losses. We have closed these stalls on the basis of consensus of 20 publishers. ’28 new books came to the fair yesterday.

Habibullah Siraj’s Journey Book: A travel book of spiritual poetry written for more than ten years, which has a wonderful combination of understanding religion, philosophy and life. Jihad Uddin’s Spring Song: An integrated form of some poems composed on the way of the poet, which has inspired the poet to think and understand more deeply about life. The two books have been published by Saralrekha Publishing Company. Available at Stall No. 225 of the fair.