April 15, 2021


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If 4-5 thousand patients increase every day, it will not be possible to handle it: Health Minister

Health Minister Zahid Malek has said that if the number of patients increases by 4-5 thousand every day, it will not be possible to handle it even if the entire city is turned into a hospital.

The minister said, “We are making arrangements to increase the number of beds in all the hospitals in Dhaka to prevent the second wave of corona.” Two and a half thousand beds have been made five thousand, it is not possible to increase more than this. If people are not careful, they should keep in mind that after five thousand beds, hospitals do not have an inch of space to make beds.

He said this while inspecting the Covid Dedicated Hospital built at Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) market in Mohakhali at 4 pm on Tuesday.
The health minister also said that many people in the country are infected with the corona vaccine, adding that the Oxford-Astragene vaccine is in two doses. The first dose does not cause antibodies. Those who are being vaccinated are responsible for their reckless behavior.

He said the lockdown is for the people of the country. I hope the people will abide by the ban. The administration is taking action, the people are becoming aware.

Note that in the last 24 hours in the history of the country, the highest death toll was 6 and the highest number of identified was 7,213. The minister said this while expressing concern and apprehension over the issue.

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal has sought ৫ 500 million from the World Bank as budget support for Corona. At the same time, he expressed the view that the World Bank will also look at these issues positively.

On Monday night, as part of the ongoing Spring Meeting-2021 of the Virtual World Bank-IMF, a delegation led by the Finance Minister, Bangladesh and the World Bank’s Vice President for South Asia, Mr. He was speaking at a meeting of the World Bank delegation led by Hartwig Schaefer.

The meeting was attended by Finance Minister, Finance Secretary and Secretary for Economic Relations Fatima Yasmin as a member of the Bangladesh delegation. Mr. took part in the meeting on behalf of the World Bank. Hartwig Schaefer and Mrs. Mercy Myang Tembon.
Minister of Finance Water supply and sanitation in the proposed project to ensure environmental development and protection; Transport; He requested the World Bank to assist in the development of river-centric tourism, including the creation of sustainable eco-friendly infrastructure and the establishment of good governance.

He said that despite being affected by the corona virus like other countries in the world, the economy of Bangladesh is now in a better position under the wise and far-sighted leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Realizing the enormity of this crisis from the outset, the Prime Minister has so far announced a total of 23 incentive packages worth Rs 1,24,053 crore for people of all economic walks of life, a rare bold move in history.

He also mentioned the launch of free covid vaccination program for all citizens of the country. Mustafa Kamal thanked the World Bank for its continued support for the overall development of Bangladesh. He also lauded the quick and timely initiatives taken by the World Bank to tackle covid.

He also thanked the World Bank for its support under the World Bank’s Programmatic Jobs Development Policy Credit (DPC) project and for providing মিল 500 million for the Covid-19 vaccine to keep the country’s damaged labor market, financial and social sectors afloat.