April 15, 2021


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Saima Wazed on Autism Awareness Day at the United Nations

Bangladesh’s strong information technology infrastructure and comprehensive healthcare have helped address the challenges of autism. On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, Bangladesh, Brazil, Kuwait, Poland, Qatar and the United Nations jointly organized a virtual side event entitled ‘Autism: How Technology Can Assist Global Response and Recovery’ during the Covid-19 epidemic at the United Nations on April 8 Department of Economic and Social Affairs and Autism Speaks.

Saima Wazed Hossain, Chairperson of the National Advisory Committee on Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders of Bangladesh and WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Southeast Asia participated as a panelist.

Speaking at the meeting, Saima highlighted the best practices in Bangladesh, including taking special assistance and measures for children with autism and their families during the Covid-19 hypertension, and the use of information technology.
Saying that children with autism around the world have been disproportionately affected by the disruption of education and medical care in the past, Saima Wazed, daughter of the Prime Minister, said: Has done. ‘

Citing the social challenges and harassment faced by autistic families in different societies around the world, including Bangladesh, Saima said, “Bangladesh has been able to bring about sustainable and positive social change by raising awareness and sharing information.”

Noting the need for increased awareness on autism in the current situation, Saima said, “Over the years, various government ministries, departments and stakeholders have been working together to address the overall challenges, including the social stigma faced by people with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders and their families. The National Advisory Committee on Autism in Bangladesh is going.

The Permanent Representatives of Bangladesh and Qatar to the United Nations gave welcome speeches. Ambassador Rabab Fatima, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh, said, “We have enacted strong laws and regulations in Bangladesh to protect persons with disabilities and neurodevelopmental disorders and are implementing various programs. These measures include disability support e-services, referral services and support and training centers across the country.

Ambassador Fatima noted the need to invest more in the development and research of new technologies to help people with autism, especially at this time.

Specific issues were also raised by the Assistant Secretary-General for Policy Coordination and International Affairs at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. In addition to Saima Wazed, the panel discussion was attended by subject matter experts from different parts of the world, including individuals with autism.

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