April 15, 2021


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The body of a college student was recovered by RAB-13 at Atwari in Panchagarh

Masud Rana (Atwari, Panchagarh): RAB-13 has recovered the body of a college student named Sifat (20) four days after he went missing in Chhotadap village of Atwari upazila of Panchagarh. His body was recovered on Saturday (January 9) morning by digging up 200 yards of arable land. Reza Ahmed Ferdous, captain of Nilphamari RAB 613, said Fahit Hasan Sifat, a student of Dinajpur Adarsh ​​College, son of Shafiqul Islam of Chhotdap village in the upazila, went to play badminton near his house on the night of January 4. He did not return home at night. The next day, his father Shafiqul Islam filed a general diary at Atwari police station. Diary No. 18 and Nilphamari filed a written application with RAB-13 to rescue the boy. Based on the request of the missing father, a vigilant team of RAB-13 entered the field to investigate the incident and arrested 4 people including Matiur Rahman Moti (18) for being involved in the incident. Based on the information provided by them, RAB confirmed the mystery of Sifat’s death within 18 hours of the application and recovered his body from the side of the deceased’s house on Saturday morning. Sifat was strangled to death due to a family quarrel and his body was laid on the ground, the official said. Assistant Superintendent of Police Sudarshan Kumar Roy of Panchagarh Police, Assistant Superintendent of Police Md Reza, OC of Atwari Police Station Ijar Uddin, Panchagarh DB Inspector Jayant Kumar Saha, various officers of RAB, CID, NS Local people’s representatives including people from various intelligence agencies, journalists from print and electronic media were present. A murder case has been filed at Atwari police station in this incident.

Today is November 1. Judiciary Separation Day. According to the decision of the Supreme Court, on this day in 2006, the judiciary was separated from the executive branch. Today marks the 13th anniversary of the separation of the judiciary from the executive branch.

Concerned people say that the infrastructural development of the judiciary and litigation have increased during this period. However, in order to resolve the case, it is necessary to increase the number of judges with infrastructural measures. Because if the number of judges does not increase, it is impossible to ensure speedy justice in the country. Stakeholders also think that this could create a crisis of confidence in the judiciary.

The establishment of an independent judiciary in order to establish the rule of law took place in the light of the verdict in the historic Masdar Hesen case. As a result of that verdict, the judiciary was separated from the executive branch on November 1, 2006.

From then on, the judiciary started functioning independently. In the beginning, due to lack of infrastructural development, the judges had to work by dividing the courtroom. However, the government’s judiciary has been able to overcome much of that situation over time. But the lawsuit has become uncontrollable.

“We have brought the poverty rate below 20.5 percent,” he said. We have raised the per capita income to 2,084 US dollars. We have also made unprecedented progress in the health sector, now the average life expectancy of the people of our country is 72.6 years. We are providing electricity facility to 98.5 percent people. With the installation of all the spans of the Padma Bridge, the two ends of one of the fast flowing rivers of the world are now connected. Construction of metro rail and expressways in the capital and tunnels under the Karnafuli river is progressing fast. We have modernized the road, rail and air communication system. The number of internet users has exceeded 11 crore.

He said that we have created free employment opportunities based on information technology. With the successful implementation of the first ‘Bangladesh Perspective Plan’, the achievement of Vision-2021 is almost over. In the year of Mujib we have promised that no one will be homeless. I will extend all the facilities of the city to the remote rural areas. We have formulated the second perspective plan to achieve the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ by 2030 and to build a prosperous and prosperous Bangladesh free from hunger and poverty by 2041. On March 26, 2021, we will celebrate the golden jubilee of independence.

Noting that in the new year we are moving towards a new world order, he said the Corona epidemic has sent a strong message to the world. No matter how developed it is, no country can stand on its own two feet. Only through mutual cooperation and partnership can any global crisis be tackled. We all need to learn from this. Besides, it is necessary to acquire the ability to lead the fourth industrial revolution by utilizing the energy and technology knowledge of the youth. Boss