April 15, 2021


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There is no alternative to agriculture to free Bangladesh from hunger and poverty – Shahjahan Khan MP

SM Arafat Hasan, If Bangladesh is to be free from hunger and poverty, there is no alternative to agriculture. In 2015, we agitated for the rights of all officers and employees, including agriculture, under the direction of Deshratna Sheikh Hasina. The country was in the hands of those who wanted to wipe the history of the war in which 3 million people were martyred. The country did not develop. Bangladesh is moving forward at a relentless pace today as the people’s leader Sheikh Hasina has been able to free Bangladesh from sins. He wanted to change the national flag and national anthem of Bangladesh and even wanted to keep the name of Bangladesh in Pakistani style, said Shahjahan Khan MP, presidium member of Bangladesh Awami League.
Shahjahan Khan said, “People’s leader Sheikh Hasina is working to realize Bangabandhu’s dream by embracing Bangabandhu’s ideals. Just as Bangabandhu fought and brought freedom to the people of Bengal, Bangabandhu’s daughter fought and bravely presented big development projects including Padma Bridge to the people of the country.”
He further said, “We have to compete for leadership by eliminating the competition of leadership. We have to be a leader by working because Bangabandhu became a leader by working. Sheikh Hasina has become a role model of development in the world only through work.” .
Md. Bakhtiyar Uddin Sikder, President of Diploma Krishibid Institution and Mr. Mohammad Hemayet Hossain, General Secretary of Diploma Krishibid Institution presided over the meeting. League Madaripur District Branch Mr. Pavelur Rahman Shafiq Khan, Women Vice Chairman Upazila Parishad Madaripur Sadar Mr. Nargis Akter Sadar District Council Panel Chairman Mr. Abdul Mannan Lashkar, Kalikapur Union Chairman Mr. Ejazur Bahman Akan along with Madaripur District Awami League Leader and Diploma Krishibid Institute And employees.

The Padma Bridge is not just a bridge of rod, cement and stone, it is associated with the emotions of 160 million people. The indomitable desire to overcome the challenge and the vast potential of the country’s economy in the future. The dream Padma Bridge is no longer a dream, it is real. The whole of the bridge now visible in one span after another.

The shores of the Padma that were not there one day, cars will run over the chest of the Padma at the end of next year, trains will run. The dream distance around the Padma bridge is only 150 meters. Bangladesh will touch the dream as soon as the last span sits on the 12th and 13th pillars. The main infrastructure of the 6.15 km long Padma Bridge will be fully built in a single thread by building the ends of Mawa and Jajira in one thread.

With the goal of opening the Padma Bridge to traffic on the golden jubilee of independence in December 2021, the work on the bridge is progressing rapidly. The work of laying slabs on the road and railway sections of the bridge has already progressed far. This work will gain more momentum after the last span is installed. At the same time construction work of connecting road at both ends of the bridge will also continue. Due to the Padma Bridge, the fate of the people of the south is opening up. The quality of life of the people around the bridge is also changing. There are big projects including world class Olympic Village, Benaresi Tantapalli, Icon Tower at the initiative of RAJUK, the only National Judicial Academy in the country. Along with government initiatives, local people are also building big commercial enterprises.

Sheikh Hasina is now a role model in world leadership. While disasters are a daily occurrence in this country of 160 million people, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working tirelessly to bring the people of the country out of the deep darkness of the corona virus into the new daylight. After the Awami League came to power in 1996, the then Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina promised to build a bridge over the Padma. As promised, pre-feasibility study for the construction of the bridge began in 1997. From 2001 to 2005, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) carried out feasibility studies. At the same time, on July 4, 2001, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the foundation stone for the construction of a bridge over the Padma River. Through which the seeds of bridge construction are sown.

The dream that was sown on December 12, 2014 on the banks of the Padma is now waiting for the sheep on the shore, after going through many ups and downs, breaking the net of all domestic and foreign conspiracies and leaving behind the allegations of corruption and irregularities. And just a few months to wait. Development milestones will be set. After that the dream will fly across the Padma. The whole nation will be overwhelmed with joy and excitement. The distance will be reduced from one region of the country to another. The wheel of the economy will turn faster. The Padma Bridge, which unites the two parts of the country, will play a role in strengthening the fear of the economy. The standard of living will increase. The Padma Bridge will deliver a new message at home and abroad.