April 15, 2021


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Increased time to fill up SSC form without delay fee

A directive signed by Dhaka Education Board’s examination controller Professor SM Amirul Islam has been issued on Wednesday (April 8).

According to the directive, due to the expansion of Kovid-19, the time for filling up the form of SSC Exam-2021 will be extended without delay fee and the new schedule will be announced. There is no opportunity to collect additional amount of fee fixed by the board for filling up the SSC exam form. Strict action will be taken if any allegation of extra fee is found in filling the form.

Professor Nehal Ahmed, president of the Inter-Education Coordinating Board and chairman of the Dhaka Board of Education, told the media that the filling up of the ongoing SSC form has been postponed due to the lockdown. The Corona epidemic is currently a national problem. So the time to fill the form at the end of the lockdown will be extended. Candidates can fill up the form without any delay fee. Strict action will be taken if any organization is accused of charging extra fees.

Earlier, the process of filling the SSC examination form started from April 1. However, due to the ongoing restrictions in the country to prevent corona infection, the form filling was postponed from April 5.

Writers, readers and publishers think that there is no reason to just keep the book fair closed. Their question is, how will the readers come to the book fair if the communication system is closed?

The news of the book fair is coming at a time when everything is being limited to deal with the Corona crisis.

Readers of the book fair say that it is not acceptable to continue the book fair without communication.

One reader said, ‘If public transport is closed, people will not be able to come to the fair. I don’t see any rationale to keep the book fair open by stopping public transport. ‘

The writers also think that running a book fair is suicidal.

Writer Shanarei Devi Shanu said, ‘I myself am a bit confused. When I come to the book fair, how do I come? That idea is working. Lockdown and book fair cannot go together.

Publishers, one of the stakeholders of the book fair, say that it has been decided to continue the book fair without any discussion with them.

Farid Ahmed, president of the Knowledge and Creative Publishers Association, said, “The fair authorities did not want to know whether we have any advantages or disadvantages. They did not have any meeting with us and they did not take any advice from us.

He also demanded government incentives to overcome the financial crisis that will befall the publishers even if the Pran Mela continues.