April 14, 2021


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One-third Corona Joy’s mental illness

One-third of people who recover from corona suffer from mental illness. This was reported by the health journal Lancet Psychiatry. According to a research report published on Tuesday, many coronaries also suffer from neurological diseases.The number of coronaviruses is increasing worldwide. The number is growing all over the world. Haircut research is going on with medical methods and vaccines. As a result, we have to go with Corona for now, needless to say. However, people are suffering from various complications even after recovering from corona. Many are suffering from long-term mental illness due to chronic trauma.

Many people who have become tax-free within 6 months are suffering from mental problems. A recent study found that one in three people recovering from corona suffers from neurological and emotional complications.A recent study of nearly two and a half million people who have recovered from Corona found that 34 percent of those who recover from the disease suffer from a variety of mental health problems.

Psychiatrists claim that 20 percent of coronary heart disease patients suffer from some form of mental illness within 90 days of recovery. There are various types of mental disorders in them, which is quite worrying.

Researchers say that 16 percent of these people are depressed or anxious. 18 percent of the people who took part in the study suffer from mood disorders. In addition, anxiety, depression, insomnia and other ailments are mainly consumed by patients with corona after recovery. And last but not least, the study found that patients with coronary heart disease, such as dementia, are also on the rise.

“Our findings suggest that coronary heart disease and mental health are more common after corona than flu or other respiratory infections,” said Maxim Taquet, a fellow at the University of Oxford who co-authored the study.

The researchers also say that the study will play a role in how people who recover from corona can be helped in their health.

The scope of the study was quite large. The study analyzed the electronic health data of more than 236,000 Corona patients.

Experts say that this mental problem is more evident among those who have been admitted to the hospital with coronary heart disease. However, such problems have also occurred in the case of those who have taken treatment at home.

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