April 12, 2021


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Two killed by drug addict in Narsingdi

Two people were stabbed to death by a drug addict in Narsingdi. Another was injured at the time. The incident took place at Chagariyapara village of Nazarpur union around 9 am on Wednesday. The deceased were identified as Farhad Mia, 60, and Ali Akbar, 50.Sentu Mia, 45, an irrigation pump driver of the same village, was injured in the incident. The accused drug addict Yunus Ali was beaten up and handed over to the police.

Police and locals said Farhad Mia and Ali Akbar were working on the land in the morning. At that time, drug addict Yunus Ali of the same village attacked them with a knife. Two people were stabbed to death on the spot. Irrigation pump driver Sentu Mia was also stabbed when he went to rescue them. He was admitted to the hospital.

Police recovered two bodies and sent them to Sadar Hospital morgue. According to locals, Yunus Mia is a very quiet person, he doesn’t talk much to anyone. He had been trying to go abroad for some time. However, he could not go abroad due to brain problems in the medical report. He was a little depressed about this.

Narsingdi Model Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) Biplob Kumar Dutta Chowdhury said the accused Yunus was being treated by police after his arrest. The cause of the murder is being investigated. He also said that whether the accused Yunus Ali is addicted to drugs or mentally unbalanced can be said after a medical examination.

/ Asaduzzaman Ripon from Narsingdi // JP /

One hundred and one years ago, on March 17, 1920, at eight o’clock in the night, a child was taken to Ajpara village Tungipara in Gopalganj, Faridpur. The nickname given by the parents is Khoka and the good name is Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Sheikh Mujib is the eldest child in the family of Sheikh Lutfar Rahman and Saira Khatun. That kid from the village, the friend of politics, became the great hero of freedom.

Did anyone think that the darling little boy of the Sheikh family would one day be a world-renowned leader or a savior of the oppressed people in freedom?

With deep patriotism, boundless self-sacrifice and unparalleled leadership, he became the undisputed leader of the Bengali nation. Under his heroic leadership a country has become independent. The people awarded him the title of Bangabandhu for his leadership in realizing the rights of the exploited, deprived and oppressed people of Bengal. He was anointed as the Father of the Nation in the history due to his boundless sacrifice, imprisonment, torture and imprisonment for the independence of Bengalis.

The development of leadership can be seen from school life. In college life in Calcutta, he became a skilled organizer in the company of eminent politicians. While searching for the way of liberation of Bengalis, Bangabandhu dreamed of building his own territory and independent country

Like ten other children growing up in the neighborhood. However, the impression of leadership emerged from childhood. Mujib came in contact with Hossain Shaheed Suhrawardy and Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Haque during his school days.

After passing matriculation in 1941, he was admitted to Islamia College, Calcutta. Lived in the traditional Baker Hostel. He later became the VPO of the college.

Although married life began in 1942, the marriage took place a decade ago. Mujib was then 12 or 13, his wife Renu was 3. When his father died, Renu’s grandfather informed Mujib’s father that he would give all his property to his two grandchildren. So want to register the marriage. When Renu’s mother and seven grandfathers died at the age of five, she grew up in Sheikh’s house. Family life started a few years later.

When the famine started in 1943, a terrible situation was created all over the country. In his unfinished autobiography, Bangabandhu said, “I don’t get relief by working day and night for relief. I don’t study at all. I will go to Calcutta, the exam is also near. Dad called me one day. Dad, do politics, I will not object, you are fighting for Pakistan, so happy. I will never forget that. ‘

Learned from his father Sheikh Lutfur Rahman, Bangabandhu established the two words ‘responsibility’ and ‘patriotism’ throughout his life. His strong leadership in targeting the subjugated country and the directionless nation deserves praise.

Sheikh Mujib passed BA from Islamia College in 1947. Returning to the country, he was admitted to the law department of Dhaka University in September of that year. The East Pakistan Muslim Chhatra League was formed on 4 January 1947 on the initiative of Mujib. When the Awami Muslim League was established on 23 June 1949, one of its founders, Mujib, became the joint general secretary.

In the field of politics, Mujib was vocal against the oppression of the Pakistani government. Day after day, year after year, Bengalis have been imprisoned for their rights.