April 15, 2021


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Riders protest in the capital

To prevent coronavirus infection, the government has announced a one-week “curfew” across the country. Public transport and ride-sharing services were shut down.

However, considering the work-goers, the government instructed to start public transport in all the city corporation areas of the country by leaving half the seats vacant. According to him, the third day of the ban, public transport has been running since Wednesday (April 7) morning.

Meanwhile, no decision has been taken to introduce passenger transport or ride sharing on motorcycles even though public transport is running. So the motorcyclists transporting passengers are protesting in different places of the capital demanding the introduction of ride sharing. The protests are being held at various places in the capital including Minto Road, Agargaon and Mirpur from Wednesday morning.

According to eyewitnesses, 30-40 motorcycles came from Agargaon and stopped at Mirpur No. 10 around 10:30 am. During this time, drivers started chanting slogans demanding ride sharing. After staying there for a while, they left for Mirpur-14. At the same time, motorcyclists carrying passengers gathered at the DMP headquarters on Mintu Road in the capital to protest.

Witnesses also said that the motorcycles kept honking their horns. They are demanding the introduction of ride sharing with different slogans. Divided into small groups, they are protesting on motorcycles at different points of the capital.

Drivers say public transport has been introduced under the ban. But ride sharing is being stopped. Unnecessary harassment and lawsuits are being filed as soon as the drivers take to the streets. They said a huge population across the country, including Dhaka, is associated with the ride-sharing service. The Corona ban has thrown them into misery. That is why they have been forced to protest. They demanded to start ride sharing immediately.

Noakhali-3 (Begumganj) seat MP. Mamunur Rashid Kiran and his eldest son Jihan Al Rashid, vice-president of the central committee of the BCL, have been attacked by Corona.

MP’s son Jihan Al Rashid confirmed the matter on Wednesday (April 8) morning.

Jihan said that although his father’s Kavid report came positive, he is physically healthy. There were no symptoms in the body. I also came positive. Physically I am also healthy. We are in isolation at our home in Dhaka.

He added that four members of our family, including my parents, took samples from Ever Care Hospital in Dhaka last Monday (April 5) for corona examination as they had been feeling sick for the past few days. Later on Tuesday (April 6) afternoon, my father’s corona positive report came.

He asked for prayers for the recovery of his father, including the people of Begumganj.

Meanwhile, MP said. Local leaders and activists have expressed concern over the news that Mamunur Rashid Kiran’s corona is positive. Many have sought his recovery by posting on social media.