April 15, 2021


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A-League leader injured in Hefazat attack dies

Awami League leader Mohammad Muhibullah, who was seriously injured in an attack by Hifazat-e-Islam activists in Rangunia, Chittagong, has died while undergoing treatment.He died at Parkview Hospital in Chittagong around 1am last night. The deceased was identified as Muhibullah, a member of Kodala Union Awami League in Rangunia upazila.Rangunia Police Station OC said Hifazat Islam and BNP leaders and activists took out a procession at Kodala in Rangunia after Hifazat leader Mamunul was blocked along with women at a resort in Sonargaon, Narayanganj. At that time three people were injured in their attack. Muhibullah, who was critically injured, died last night while undergoing treatment.

Two cases have already been filed against 214 people, citing the names of 64 people.

BNP-Jamaat leaders and activists staged a protest procession at Kodala in Rangunia on Saturday night at around 8pm when news of the blockade of a resort in Sonargaon, Narayanganj, by joint secretary general of Hifazat-e-Islam Mamunul Haque spread. Hefazat local leaders and activists also joined the procession. BNP leader Yunus Moni led the procession. The procession started from the 2nd ward of the union and reached the 8th ward of East Kodala. Later, Juba League leader Abdul Jabbar, Dildar Azam Liton and Union Awami League member Mohammad Muhibullah were severely beaten with sticks during a protest procession in front of Jame Mosque in Dakshin Para, Ward 5.

Shahina Begum, BNPS development officer, said they had formed a volunteer team of ten per school in Sandwip under the Promoting Rights through Mobilization and Empowerment project in ten schools. Who make their classmates and their parents aware of the evils of child marriage. Also contact the designated hotline or administration whenever you get news of a child marriage. In the last two years, it has been possible to stop several child marriages.

He added that the way child marriages used to be organized with pomp and circumstance, now it has been stopped due to the activities of volunteers. Now in a very short range everyone is married invisibly. Due to such activities of their volunteers, child marriage was reduced satisfactorily.

But the rate of child marriage has risen again after the recent corona virus closed schools and colleges. This growth rate is 25 percent. He further mentioned, ‘Volunteers do not get news about child marriage as the school and college are closed. So these are not going to stop.

Meanwhile, more different problems have been added inside the corona. Many people’s representatives are providing handwritten birth certificates on the pretext of server complexity in Corona. Where the age of adolescents is being increased. Basically, the local people’s representatives do these things to maintain their influence and keep the voters in mind.

Although Sandwip Rahmatpur Union Parishad chairman has denied the allegations. Elias Khan. He said, ‘I will not talk about other unions, there is no such incident in my union. However, many are getting married without registration. Which is absolutely against the law.

The upazila administration also has a committee to prevent such child marriages. Sandwip Upazila Nirbahi Officer Vidarshi Samboudhi Chakma said, ‘We have a committee at the ward level. We will take action as soon as we get the news.

Asked about overcoming these problems, Zainab Begum, headmistress of South Sandwip Abeda Fayez Girls’ High School, said the employment of girls should be increased. They will try to become self-reliant only when they understand that if they study, they will get a job according to their qualifications. And it will reduce underage marriage.

Nizam Uddin, a member of the BNPS volunteer group, said parents need to be more aware. They need to understand the evils of child marriage. Then this problem will come down.

Sandwip, which covers an area of ​​about 72 sq km, currently has a population of over six lakh. 80 percent of whom are women. Electricity has recently gone to this island. Which is showing new hope among the locals. So that employment is expected to increase. In addition, a study is underway to create an economic zone on the northwestern tip of the island. The teenagers of Sandwip are dreaming about it. The dream of being self-reliant, the dream of getting out of the circle of child marriage.

/ Anupam Shil, from Chittagong /