April 15, 2021


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The farmer’s dream burned in the hot air

And after a few days, the farmer’s yard will be filled with the smell of rice. When Bivore is in a golden dream, just at that time the golden dream of the farmer has been shattered in the hot air with the storm of tomorrow’s Baishakhi. In Bhairab of Kishoreganj, Eri-Boro paddy has been severely damaged in the hot air with the Baishakhi storm yesterday. Farmers have lost their way due to extensive damage to crops. According to the Upazila Agriculture Department, 290 hectares of paddy land has been destroyed. However, this number does not match the paper with the crop field. Farmers claim that the amount of loss is much higher. However, Joanshahi Haor, the largest haor in the three union-bound upazilas, has about 5,000 hectares of land.

Today, from Wednesday morning to 1 pm, it can be seen that 5,000 hectares of land in Haor has been damaged by 6 to 7 annas. Locals in the Joanshahi area believe that at least 2,000 hectares of paddy land has been lost in the field-by-field haor. And a few days later, the rice was in the stage of golden color. At that time the green paddy tree turned gray and the sky seemed to fall on the farmer’s head. The hot wind blows for a few hours from Sunday evening with the Baishakhi storm tomorrow. In this, all types of Eri-Boro rice rhymes including BR-29 variety rice in the flowering stage have become white and faded and the rice rhymes have dried up.

According to the Department of Agriculture, the maturation of rice at a temperature of more than 30 degrees is damaged. It is believed that the paddy was damaged in the upazila due to strong winds blowing at a temperature of 36 degrees during the storm. However, the agriculture office says the amount of damage at the field level will increase.

Dudhmiya, a farmer from Lundia village in Agangar union, alleged that despite severe crop damage, no official from the agriculture office came to look for them from Monday to Wednesday. The farmers want the cooperation of the government to compensate the loss.

Badhunagar village affected farmers said. Emad said the Eri-Boro paddy in four unions of Bhairab, including Srinagar, Aganagar, Sadekpur and Gazaria, was severely damaged in the Baishakhi storm and hot winds for five hours last Sunday night. However, the most damage has been in these 4 unions. Especially in Joanshahi Haor, about 2,000 hectares of paddy land has been lost.

Majnu Mia of Jafarnagar village said the paddy trees were swaying in golden green color on Sunday afternoon. What a wonderful sight to behold. I went to the land on Wednesday after three days and saw that it was all over! In a storm, all the paddy of the land was destroyed.

Nazrul Islam, a farmer from Islampur village, said there has been a decline in trade and commerce in Corona for the past one year. In the meantime, he has planted Eri-Boro paddy by borrowing. But with the Baishakhi storm, all the paddy of their only crop land was destroyed in the hot winds and they are spending their days worrying about how their family will survive and pay off their debts.

According to the Agriculture Office, Eri-Boro paddy has been planted in 6,860 hectares of land in Bhairab this year and in 22 blocks, including 21 in the Union and 1 in the municipality. Last Sunday’s storm damaged 290 hectares of paddy land due to hot winds. However, this loss may increase. We are working on behalf of the Agriculture Office to determine the amount of damage.

Bhairab Upazila Agriculture Officer Aklima Begum said, “We are preparing a list at the field level to determine the amount of damage.” So far, we have determined that 290 hectares of paddy land has been damaged at an early stage. However, the amount of damage may increase. Moreover, if I get instructions from the Ministry of Agriculture, I will make a list of the affected farmers and send it to the Ministry so that they get incentives.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Lubna Farzana told Kaler Kanth that the damage is being done through the agriculture office with the help of the people’s representatives. However, the amount of damage may increase further. Therefore, after 2 days, the updated loss amount will be sent to the ministry. If the government gives incentives, the farmers should get it.