April 14, 2021


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Irregularities in distribution of rickshaw vans to unemployed fishermen in Chandpur, formation of investigation committee

The Jatka conservation season is going on during these two months of March-April. As a result, the government has banned all kinds of fishing in the Padma and Meghna sanctuaries in Chandpur. As a result, more than half a lakh fishermen on the government list have become unemployed. But among them there have been initiatives to create alternative employment for the extremely poor fishermen. There was a mismatch in the distribution of rickshaws on Wednesday morning. As a result, the deputy commissioner has formed a committee to investigate the situation.

Fishermen are not able to enter the river due to government ban during the Jatka conservation season. As a result, about 52,000 fishermen of Chandpur have become unemployed. As a result, many of them are spending lazy time weaving nets on the river banks. Not only that, the law enforcers are patrolling the river so that no fisherman can kill Jatka. However, the government has taken initiative to create alternative employment for unemployed fishermen.

Rows and rows of rickshaws lined up in front of the Chandpur Deputy Commissioner’s office on Wednesday morning. The district fisheries department has brought several rickshaws for distribution among the extremely poor fishermen. But irregularities have been found in these distributions. So others, including the deputy commissioner who attended the distribution ceremony, boycotted it. However, the people for whom the rickshaw is allotted have also admitted that they are not real fishermen.
One of them is Mizan Hawladar (50). His home in Ichuli village of Chandpur Sadar is Matikata laborer. Another farmer Ali Khan (60) of Tarpurchandi area of ​​the same upazila and Billal Hossain (52) of Koylaghat. These three admit that none of them catch hilsa in Jatka Jail i.e. Padma and Meghna rivers. However, they did not open their mouths about how the name came up in the jail list.

Meanwhile, the district fisheries officer. Asadul blamed the rest of the irregularities on the jail leaders. On the other hand, Taslim Bepari, general secretary of Chandpur District Fishermen’s Association, has admitted irregularities with Gonjamil and blamed the people’s representatives. He said that out of the 20 fishermen who were brought here on Wednesday to distribute rickshaws, two were actual fishermen.

Chandpur Deputy Commissioner Anjana Khan Majlish said, “We have taken necessary steps to look into the matter.” Chandpur Municipality Mayor Advocate Zillur Rahman Jewel, who came to attend the rickshaw distribution ceremony, said the matter must be considered. Because, there is no chance of wasting government money.

It is learned that Deputy Commissioner Anjana Khan Majlish on Wednesday afternoon formed a three-member inquiry committee headed by Chandpur Sadar Upazila Nirbahi officials to look into the issue of irregularities in creating alternative employment for fishermen.

Chandpur Additional Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Abdullah Al Mahmud Zaman told Kaler Kanth that Sadar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Sanjida Shahnaz has been appointed as the Chief and Executive Magistrate of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office Imran Mahmud Dalim and Upazila Social Service Officer Md. A three-member committee has been formed with Jamaluddin. He added that the investigation committee will find the irregularities and submit them to the deputy commissioner by 4 pm on Wednesday.

It has been learned that the government has allocated Tk 25,000 for the construction of each rickshaw in the alternative employment scheme for fishermen. A total of 40 rickshaws were to be distributed in Chandpur Sadar and Baufal upazila of Patuakhali.