April 13, 2021


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Corona’s horrific scandal in Brazil: 4,000 deaths in one day

The coronavirus has hit Brazil hard. For the first time in the country, more than 4,000 people have died of coronavirus in a single day. But the country’s president, Zaire Bolsonaro, is still opposed to a harsh lockdown.Brazil’s health ministry said on Tuesday that 4,195 people had died of coronavirus in one day. The death toll in Corona has now exceeded three lakh six thousand in the country.Brazilian physician and professor at Duke University. Manuel Nicholiles said the chain reaction in a nuclear reactor seems to be going on and the situation is out of control. This is the organic Fukushima.
There is no place for hospitals in Brazil now. But the infection rate is constantly increasing. Even relatively young people are being affected. The country has hit a much more contagious new strain of the virus.
Source: Al Jazeera

India in the second wave. One lakh boundaries had already been crossed. This time in the last 24 hours one lakh 17 thousand people were affected. The Indian government has said the next four weeks will be “very critical”.

In the last 24 hours, one lakh 15 thousand 736 people have been infected in the country. The total number of victims in India so far has dropped to 1.28 crore. In the last 24 hours, 630 people have died in India. So far one lakh 8 thousand 18 people have died in Corona. India is the third largest country in the world in terms of transmission. First America, second Brazil.

Maharashtra has the highest number of infections in India. In the last 24 hours, 55,000 people have been newly infected. The situation is also quite bad in Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh. The daily attack is growing by leaps and bounds here. However, in terms of total infection, Maharashtra is followed by Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

In Chhattisgarh, 9,921 people have been infected in the last 24 hours. In Delhi, 5,100 people were affected during the same period. In the last 24 hours, 59,656 people have recovered in the country. With the rate at which infections are on the rise, the next four weeks are likely to be very alarming at the center.

Dr. VK Paul, a member of the Policy Commission (Health), said that the rate of infection is much higher this time than last time. The next four weeks need to be aware. People have to come forward to control this second wave.
The question is, in this situation, why vaccination is not being introduced for everyone in the country? So this arrangement is not possible.

Source: Nowadays

Awami League joint general secretary Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif has warned that those who carry out violence in the name of religion will no longer be tolerated. Injuries will be countered. Hanif asked the party leaders and workers to be ready for this.

Hanif said this after inspecting the vandalized Awami League office in Narayanganj’s Sonargaon around 12 noon on Wednesday.

Hefazat activists rescued Maulana Mamunul Haque, the joint secretary general of Hefazat, at his Sonargaon Royal Resort on Saturday after he was reportedly assaulted and blocked. In view of this, a delegation of Awami League Central Committee led by Mahbub-ul-Alam Hanif also came to Sonargaon.

Hanif said those involved in the attack on Mamunul Haque and vandalized various places including the Awami League office were not spared.

He said the attackers would be punished according to the law by listing each of them. He instructed the party leaders to list the attackers.

Also present in the delegation were Awami League Dhaka Divisional Organizing Secretary Mirza Azam, MP Shamim Osman, Narayanganj District Awami League General Secretary Abu Shahid Md Badal, Vice-President Abdul Qadir, Joint Secretary Dr Abu Jafar Chowdhury Biru, Sonargaon Upazila Awami League. Joint Secretary and former Member of Parliament Abdullah Al Qaiser, Engineer Masudur Rahman Masum, former Acting General Secretary of Upazila Awami League Mahfuzur Rahman Kalam and others.