April 14, 2021


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The son of the Awami League leader insulted the DU BCL leader in Dharmapasha

A leader of Dhaka University Chhatra League in Sunamganj’s Dharmapasha Upazila has been insulted after he shared a picture of the violence of Hefazat-e-Islam activists across the country on social media Facebook. The allegations were made against Al Mujahideen, the son of the general secretary of the Union Awami League. Locals allege that the Awami League leader’s madrasaparua son provoked and harassed people by making false accusations of insulting religion against his DU BCL leader Afzal Khan to avenge his personal resentment. The student and his family are insecure in the incident. Tensions are running high in the area over the incident. Jayshree Union Awami League general secretary Abul Hashem Alam became the uncle of local MP Moazzem Hossain Ratan. He was once involved in Jamaat politics, locals said.

According to eyewitness sources, Afzal Khan of Maheshpur village of Jayshree Union is a meritorious student of Dhaka University. He is the Deputy Secretary for International Affairs of the University BCL and the General Secretary of Sir F Rahman Hall. Apart from the general secretary of the Union Awami League, former Shibir leader Al Mujahideen, son of Abul Hashem Alam of Satgharia village in Haripur, had a dispute with him. Recently, Chhatra League leader Afzal Khan posted some pictures of attacks and attacks by Hefazat-e-Islam activists across the country from his Facebook account. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Al-Mujahid, the son of the Awami League leader, angered the locals by spreading insults and criticizing Allah-Rasool. He was physically assaulted in Jayshree Bazaar. Later local Awami League leaders and activists rescued him.

Meanwhile, it has been found out that the Awami League leader is the uncle of local MP Moazzem Hossain Ratan. He was earlier active in Upazila Jamaat politics. MP Moazzem Hossain joined the Awami League holding the hand of Ratan and rose to the post of General Secretary of the Union Awami League. Though he took advantage of the Awami League, the leaders and workers complained that he was criticizing the Awami League in various ways by working against the policy and ideology of the Awami League.

Abul Kashem, son of Abul Hashem Alam, referred to himself as the cousin of MP Moazzem Hossain Ratan and said, “I have not seen what Afzal is writing on Facebook.” I have heard that he wrote in opposition to Allah and His Messenger. That is why my brother Al Mujahideen, a student of Madrasa, had a quarrel with him. As a result, some people became agitated and insulted him. He was later taken to the Awami League office and rescued. The matter has now been settled. But my father was never in Jamaat.

Meanwhile, the central BCL leaders condemned the incident and demanded action against the culprits. Al Amin Rahman, private university affairs secretary of the central student league, condemned the incident. He said that due to personal enmity, the son of the general secretary of Jayshree Upazila Awami League has publicly insulted Chhatra League leader Afzal Khan with Jamaat Shibir alleging false insult. I want justice for the harassers including the local Awami League leader.

Awami League MP from Sunamganj-1 constituency Moazzem Hossain Ratan was contacted on his mobile phone and his phone was found switched off.

Dharmapasha Police Station OC Delwar Hossain said, “We have heard the matter.” If that student complains, we will take action.