April 17, 2021


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The Corona situation in India could take a terrible turn in the next 4 weeks

The situation in India is getting worse day by day. One lakh infections were recorded in one day last Monday. Due to all this, the Ministry of Health of the country is saying, do not take a terrible shape in the next 4 weeks.

“The situation in the country is getting worse,” Health Minister VK Pal told a news conference on Tuesday. Infections are on the rise. A large part of the population is still at risk of contracting the coronavirus, ”said Dr. Paul, adding that the rate of infection is higher this time than in the first phase. “The severity of the epidemic is increasing with time,” he said. The infection is spreading rapidly. This is the situation across the country. The health member said the center was relying on public awareness to stem the tide of the second phase of the infection. “We need to be vigilant for the next four weeks,” he said. Everyone must work together to prevent infection. “

He said that in addition to adhering to common corona-rules such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance, state-to-state covid medical infrastructure should be further improved and vaccination programs should be strengthened. However, the death toll in India is lower than in other countries, he said. The health ministry said the situation in 10 districts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, Delhi and one district of Karnataka, was the most worrying.
On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, the Qatari government has reduced the prices of at least 650 essential commodities. The country’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry released a price reduction list on Tuesday (April 6th).

The list of discounted products includes flour, sugar, rice, pasta, chicken, oil, milk and many other foods which are in high demand during Ramadan. The discount will be effective from next Tuesday, local time, which will continue until the last day of Ramadan. Qatar has been conducting this discount program for the last nine years to facilitate the observance of Ramadan.

The government is going to implement this initiative with the help of all the big shopping malls and businesses in the holy month. Meanwhile, the Consumer Protection Department of the concerned ministry will keep a close watch on the entire month of Ramadan to ensure that it is not only discounted but also effective.