April 12, 2021


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Moin’s father will not be part of Taslima Nasrin’s ‘game’

Controversial writer Taslima Nasrin once again involved her name in the debate. This time his debate is making an impression in the world of sports. Taslima Nasrin’s tweet, pointing to England’s Muslim cricketer Moin Ali as a ‘militant’, has sparked controversy on social media. England cricketers have already reacted strongly to his remarks. Moin Ali himself has not yet said anything about this, but this time the answer has also come from Moin Ali’s father.

Moin’s father Munir Ali washed Taslima Nasrin. Munir Ali was hurt when he called his son a militant. However, Taslima is not willing to say anything about Nasrin right now. According to Munir Ali, the way he looks at Taslima Nasrin, he will say it on his face if he ever faces Taslima Nasrin! Taslima Nasrin has brought fundamentalist allegations against Moin Ali, Moin’s father calls Taslima Nasrin a fundamentalist!

Taslima Nasrin made another tweet later on Tuesday after her first tweet sparked controversy. The 56-year-old writer wrote in it that her first tweet about Moin was a ‘satire’. In response, Moin’s father opened the dictionary and asked Taslima Nasrin to learn the meaning of the word satire.


“I am shocked and shocked by Taslima Nasrin’s reckless remarks about my son Moin,” Munir Ali told the Indian daily Indian Express. After the first tweet debate about Moin Ali yesterday, Taslima Nasreen tweeted another explanation. However, after seeing that, Munir Ali’s comment, in his “explained” tweet — where he wrote that he made a mockery of his first comment, (in that comment) also wrote that his position is against fundamentalism. But if he looks at himself in the mirror, he will know that his tweet refers to what radicalism means ৃতি an ugly statement against a Muslim man, in which Islamophobia is evident. ‘

Although he did not say anything directly, Moin Ali’s father washed away Taslima Nasrin. At first he said, ‘A man who has nothing to do with self-respect, who cannot give respect to others, is the only one who can go down so low. But I know, if I don’t control my anger now, I will be part of the game of people like her (Taslima Nasrin). ‘

Munir Ali said that whenever he had a chance to tell Taslima Nasrin, he would say it face to face. “If I ever meet him, I will tell him on his face how I see him.” Until then, I will tell him to find a dictionary and read the meaning of the irony. ‘

The controversy started after a tweet of Taslima Nasrin yesterday. This time, Moin Ali is playing for Chennai Super Kings in the Indian T20 League IPL. The 33-year-old English all-rounder is a Muslim who follows the rules of religion. All the teams he has played in before have dropped the logo of an alcoholic beverage company on their jerseys. Royal Challengers Bangalore has done the same in IPL for so many years, this time going to Chennai is no exception.

A couple of days ago, news came that Moin had requested Chennai to remove the logo of SNJ 10000 from his jersey, and Chennai agreed. But the day after tomorrow comes the opposite news. According to Chennai, Moin did not make any such request. Then that tweet of Taslima Nasrin. In the first tweet, he wrote, “If Moin Ali was not a cricketer, he would have gone to Syria and joined ISI.”

He tweeted a storm of criticism and controversy. Among others, Moin’s teammate fast bowler Zafra Archer commented on Taslima Nasrin’s tweet. Archer writes, ‘Are you healthy? I don’t think so! ‘