April 13, 2021


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The owners want to feed the buyers in the restaurant

The restaurant is open by government regulations, but no one can sit and eat there.
The restaurant is open by government regulations, but no one can sit and eat there. Collected
Leaders of the Bangladesh Restaurant Owners’ Association have demanded that food be sold in parcel form from hotels and restaurants from 8am to 12pm as part of government restrictions to control corona infection. In addition, if the lockdown period is extended after April 11, they want to feed the customers by sitting in half the seats of the hotel-restaurant capacity.


Imran Hasan, secretary general of the Bangladesh Restaurant Owners Association, made the demand in a press release on Tuesday night. It claims that 30 per cent of hotel-restaurant owners have gone bankrupt due to a public holiday announced by the government last year to deal with the first wave of corona infections. Many owners have disappeared and closed down the company. Last Ramadan, the hotel-restaurant owner could not do any business. 3 million workers in this sector are living inhuman lives.

However, the notification dated April 4 said that food cannot be eaten sitting in food shops, only food can be sold in parcel form. Since there is no time limit mentioned in the notification, the law enforcement agencies in each district are giving different interpretations. Mentioning this, the association demanded to sell food in the form of parcels from hotels and restaurants from 8 am to 12 noon.

The Bangladesh Restaurant Owners Association has demanded a maximum commission of 10 percent for online food providers like neighboring countries. The leaders of the organization say, ‘Hotel-restaurant business is bad for two years in a row. One cannot survive without motivation. Let us live. Arrange loans without collateral on easy terms. ‘Besides, 98 per cent hotels and restaurants across the country, including Dhaka, run their business by renting buildings. Therefore, the leaders of the association have demanded to give government instructions regarding the waiver of rent.

Sajibul Islam. About 35 years old. Uber-Pathao apps run the family by riding a motorcycle. But Sajib is in trouble for stopping ride sharing like Uber-Pathao to prevent corona infection. He did not go out on a motorcycle on Sunday and Monday. But he went out with the bike yesterday afternoon due to stomach upset.

Sajib was talking at the Kawla bus stand in the airport area of ​​the capital yesterday afternoon. “People like us who eat day in and day out are in danger because the government has stopped ride-sharing like Uber-Pathao,” he said. If you sit for one day, the family will not move. So today I came out with a risk. I am taking contract passengers without apps. ‘

Sajibul Islam lives in the Kanchan area of ​​Rupganj at the end of a 300-foot road near the capital. Asked why he lived so far away, he said the rent was much lower. Apart from this, if you leave home in the morning, you can find passengers going to Dhaka.

He stood on the sidewalk and talked to Sajib. It was learned in the conversation that he has taken his bachelor’s degree from Titumir College in Mohakhali. Then get a job in a private company. He was doing well with his wife and children. Besides, he paid for the education of his two younger brothers at home. Last year he went to work during the general holiday. He was unemployed for two months. He then bought a motorcycle in installments and started transporting passengers in Uber-Pathaway.

Sajibul Islam said, ‘It has been going well for several months. Besides running a family of three, I also send money to my village home. But now I am worried. ‘

Speaking on the occasion, Sajib said that now about 80 per cent of the Uber senders in the capital have been forced to take up this profession. Many of them are in trouble as the service has been shut down.

At the end of the talk, Sajib wanted to take a picture for the report, but he dropped it first. He later agreed, but requested that the look not be understood in the printed picture. Asked why, he said, “Everyone in the village knows I work.”