April 13, 2021


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The young man died after getting up 300 times for not complying with the lockdown

Provincial government authorities issued a lockdown in Kavi due to the increase in coronary infections. For this, people were instructed to stay at home after 6 pm.The country’s police punished the young man named Darren Manaug Penaredando 300 times for not obeying the lockdown. Due to this, the 26-year-old died the next day.The incident in the town of Trias in Kavi province has been reported in the international media. Darren’s death was described as “heartbreaking” by Trilos City Police Chief Marlowe Solero.Adrian Lucena posted the news of the death of one of his relatives, Darren, on his Facebook page and the matter came up in

Darren’s wife, Rachel Bells, told local newspapers that Darren had been unable to stand all day on Friday, almost crawling. I once told her to go to the doctor, but she said a little body ache would go away on its own. Then I did not say anything.

It is learned that he came out of the house at 6 pm on Thursday to fetch water. After he came out, the police caught him. Despite Darren telling the police the reason for leaving the house more than once, the police did not listen to him and ordered him to stand up 100 times as punishment.

However, as he could not get up 100 times, he was asked to get up 100 times. In this way, Darren was made to sit up a total of 300 times. When he returned home at 6 in the morning after getting up 300 times, he was not in a position to stand.

Trilos City Police Chief Marlow Solero said people have been instructed to stay indoors during the lockdown. However, if anyone disobeyed the order, he was not allowed to be punished. In these cases, it has been instructed that people should be treated cooperatively and sent home.

He added that action would be taken if any allegation of corporal punishment was found against any official.

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Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education has lifted a ban on public singing by schoolchildren in the face of strong reactions and criticism from the country’s people through social media.

In a statement, the country’s education ministry acknowledged that the ban was not in line with its policy stance.

Earlier, the ban was imposed last week. According to the ban, girls can no longer sing in public after the age of 12.

Afghanistan has issued such a law during the Taliban era. There is no way to sing in front of men. Male music teachers cannot teach girls songs at school or anywhere else.

However, the women of the country began to protest against such a decision. They protested the government’s decision by uploading songs through social media. After that the government lifted the ban under pressure.

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