April 13, 2021


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Where Kohli is ahead of England-Australia to Sourav

Life has taught Saurabh a lot. As he saw the rise, saw the bad times. After making his debut for the Indian cricket team at the age of 19, he lost a match. His hard work and perseverance did not allow that to happen. Returning to the national team after four years, he took himself to new heights.

Eight years after his debut, he became the captain of the Indian cricket team. But when he was at the peak of his success as a captain, he was once again in a whirlwind. He lost the captaincy and was dropped from the team. Returned in a royal manner. He left cricket like a king. He has taken himself to the stage of legend. What is life really like, you can say it better without Saurabh and who-or!

Why talk so much about Saurabh’s life philosophy? Talking about the biological protection of the IPL in the Indian media, Sourav himself has become a ‘philosopher’. In that interview, the legendary Indian captain again said that Indians are ahead of English and Australians in one place. Where? Indian cricketers like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma have come a long way in adapting to biological protection.


Sourav Ganguly is now the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). At times, he may even look back on those early days of 1992. While he is fighting in the Indian cricket team hoping to get a little hard ground under his feet. Or he remembers the month of June 1997 very well. Test the next day at Lord’s, he was informed of the Test debut. He still does not know what great success awaits him. He remained in the Indian team after scoring a century in the first two Tests of his career.

Sourav must remember those days. Life has brought him to this place. Sourav’s realization is that life will never be the same. Someone will see the good side of it, someone will see the bad side, and people who see the bad side will turn around after a while and enjoy it টাই this is life.

Sourav Ganguly is such a ‘philosopher’ when he tells the Indian media about the biological protection of the IPL. According to him, there is no guarantee of life, ‘Whether one is involved in sports or business, whether it is with jobs, there will be ups and downs in life. You have to fight by clenching your teeth. Life will be stressful, bad times will come. They have to accept. Each pressure is different. ‘

Success is stressful. Sourav understands very well that one has to fight even after getting success, ‘A player may have proved himself in the first Test. He may have done great. But the next pressure is different. That is the pressure to hold the position. At that time, we have to go ahead and do our best. ‘

Going from the hotel room to the field, handling the pressure of the game, again the hotel, again the field. In the meantime, think about performance. Very stressful. It’s a completely different life.
BCCI President Sourav Ganguly on the pressure of biological protection zone
Sourav thinks the big pressure for cricketers now is to play from biological security. Corona has to stay healthy at this time, cricket activities have to continue. There is no way to do that without following the rules of hygiene. However, Sourav thinks that Indians do not have a partner to handle this pressure. This time around, Corona has proven, ‘Indians are much stronger mentally than foreign cricketers, especially the English and Australians, in the pressure of biological protection. Indian cricketers have a lot of endurance. I’ve seen the English, the Australians or the Caribbean, they’re all gone when they’re under pressure. ‘


In a tournament like the IPL, there are a lot of restrictions on biological protection. It is, of course, everywhere now. There is no alternative to keeping the cricket field at this time of corona infection. Day after day, the field, the hotel and the practice net — the lives of the cricketers are already tied up. The relationship with the outside world, the family, survives virtually. The matter is very difficult.

IPL is starting by bypassing Corona.
IPL is starting by bypassing Corona. Photo: Twitter
But the situation is difficult all over the world. This time Saurabh’s advice is the same, ‘Stay positive all the time. In the last six to seven months, I have had to play a lot of cricket in the biological protection zone. It is very difficult. Going from the hotel room to the field, handling the pressure of the game, again the hotel, again the field. In the meantime, think about performance. Very stressful. It’s a different life. ”

Saurabh does not have the experience of this life. Before entering the field, they did not have to fight against any invisible enemy like Corona!