April 12, 2021


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The fate of the Real-Liverpool match was decided by a Brazilian

Before the start of the match, the noise about the defense was heard from both the camps. Liverpool have long been sidelined with three major center-back injuries, and Real Madrid had the same situation before the match. Sergio Ramos, Rafael Varane, Dani Carvajal — none of them are injured or sick. Who will win the battle between these two teams of defensive defense, who will defend relatively well, that was the topic of discussion before the start of the match. It took Real Madrid about 94 minutes to stop the discussion.

Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-final. Brazilian winger Vinicius Jr. scored a pair of goals. The remaining one goal was scored by Spanish winger Marco Asensio. Egyptian winger Mohamed Salah scored the consolation goal for Liverpool. It can be said that with this victory, Real Madrid kept one foot in the semis.

Liverpool paid for the fragile defense.
Liverpool paid for the fragile defense. Photo: Reuters
The Ramos-weightless Real defense was backed by Lucas Vasquez, along with their Militia, Nacho Fernandez and Farland Mendy. Casimiro, Tony Cruz and Luka Modric were in midfield as usual in the 4-3-3 table. Meanwhile, Marco Asensio and Vinicius Jr. are on either side of striker Karim Benzema in the attack. Meanwhile, Liverpool also landed in the same table. In front of goalkeeper Alison are Trent Alexander-Arnold, Ozan Kabak, Nat Phillips and Andy Robertson. In the midfield, coach Jর্গrgen Klopp wanted to play a gamble by dropping Nabi Keita instead of Spanish midfielder Thiago Alcantara. Keita was in midfield with Brazilian Fabinio and Georgino Vinaldom. Regular attacking Roberto Firmino was replaced by Diego Jota, who was in good form. With Saadi also means and Mohammad Salah.

Real pressed on Liverpool from the beginning. Before the start of the match, the news of Rafael Varane’s coward being positive was heard, the news that Real will be upset হলেও although it was thought that throughout the match Real explained why the Champions League is actually a team from another planet. Real knew very well that the defenses that had risen above Liverpool would need to be cracked by regular attacks. You have to beat through speed, then the All Reds will break down under pressure. That’s what happened.

Real pressed Liverpool from the beginning.
Real pressed Liverpool from the beginning. Photo: Reuters.

Cruz-Madrich had a great midfield. Especially Tony Cruz. Another proof that this German midfielder is in great form this season was seen yesterday. Liverpool had no choice but to hold on to Cruz to win the match. But where were they able to do the job properly? In the 28th minute of the match, the cruise increased the perfect ball from their own defense, aiming at Vinicius, who ran for the space between the two center-backs on the right side of Liverpool. This dynamic winger had no problem scoring goals. Vinicius, who has been slandered for not being able to ‘finish’ the entire season, seems to have come down to slander in this match.

Real opened the scoring eight minutes later with a goal from Spanish winger Marco Asensio. This goal is also responsible for the fragile defense of Liverpool. Liverpool’s right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold added to the opposition’s danger by heading for an extended pass from Cruz. With this, Asensio scored in four consecutive matches. He has never done this feat before in his career.

rgen Klopp didn’t take long to realize how wrong the decision to land Nabi Keita was. In the 40th minute, the German coach dropped the Guinean midfielder and fielded Thiago Alcantara. Then in the second half Mohammad Salah scored a goal and raised the hopes of the team. But that’s it, Vinicius came down to prove himself that day!

Real’s second goal is Asensio.
Real’s second goal is Asensio. Photo: Reuters
Luka Madrich got the ball from a throw-in from the corner, from there towards the young Brazilian who was lying in the box. The scoreline instantly became 3-1. Liverpool did not repay the goal later. Fabio and Thiago’s midfield pairing has been a dream come true for Liverpool over the last two games, but Keita’s place in Thiago’s place in such an important match has been questioned. After Thiago’s departure, the midfield control leaned a little towards Liverpool, but by then that had become a problem. And Cruz and Madrich have taken full advantage of this dilemma of Liverpool. Cruz is playing about ten long balls per match this Champions League season, ninety percent of which are successful. These two are examples of growing old rice.

Liverpool’s hopes are still burning because of that one away goal scored by Mohammad Salah. However, if they do not return to form in the second leg at home, there will be no benefit with this one goal. Because, something special is needed to beat Real in the Champions League.