April 12, 2021


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In Mumbai, Pulpar of the hotel, Dighi is spending the day in the shopping mall

Dighi was shooting a biopic of Bangabandhu in Mumbai, India. After the shooting, he found out that the lockdown was going on in Bangladesh. The young actor, who is based in Mumbai, India, has not been able to return to the country even after the shooting. Is he upset about this? Dighi said, not at all. He feels good to be trapped.

In Mumbai, Pulpar of the hotel, Dighi is spending the day in the shopping mall

Dighi will be seen in the role of Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib in Bangabandhu’s biopic directed by Shyam Benegal. At such a young age of his acting career, he is playing such an important role in the films of famous directors like him, as if he can’t believe it.

Dighi in Pulpar
Dighe Facebook on the bridge
Recently, the shooting of this part of the lake has ended. However, Dighi is stuck as the lockdown has started in Bangladesh. But it feels good to be trapped. You don’t know how that time is passing. Dighi, a National Film Award winner, went to Mumbai on March 25 to take part in the shooting of the second lot. Hopefully, you will get a return ticket to Dhaka soon.

Dighi in the role of Fazilatunnesa Mujib in the movie Miyabhai in Tungipara
Dighi Facebook as Fazilatunnesa Mujib in Miyabhai movie of Tungipara

Initially, the shooting of Bangabandhu Biopic was supposed to start in Dhaka but in the end it started in Mumbai, India. Dighi’s co-star in this film is Arifin Shuvo. Because, he can be seen in the character of Bangabandhu. Dighi said, ‘He is very co-operative. And at this age I have heard praise from directors like Shyam Benegal! There is nothing bigger than this. ‘

Those from Bangladesh, including Dighi, who are starring in the film, are all staying at a five-star hotel there. Sitting on the poolside of this hotel, spending time, going shopping again. What did you buy? Dighi replied, ‘Gifts for yourself, relatives and friends. I am very fond of new shoes and clothes. I took them for myself. I bought several pairs of shoes and clothes. It feels good. It’s a beautiful time. ‘

Dighi Facebook
Dighi has already released two films as the lead actor. ‘You are, you are not’ and ‘Miyabhai of Tungipara’. Dighir did not see any of the two pictures. He said, ‘I have not seen any film starring myself. I hope to see you back in Dhaka. ‘In one of these gaps, Dighi has shot Sumon Dhar’s movie’ Chithi ‘. Here he is opposite Yash Rohan.