April 17, 2021


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Horrific explosion in Munshiganj: Because the revelation has not been made, the mayor’s wife is in fear

Mirkadim was meeting at the house of the newly passed mayor of the municipality to settle the accounts of the former mayor. Suddenly an explosion occurred. Fourteen people, including the panel chairman and four councilors, were burnt and seriously injured in the blast. According to sources, the incident took place around 8:15 pm on Tuesday.

According to multiple sources, a bomb had exploded at the house of Haji Abdus Salam, mayor of Mirkadim municipality in Munshiganj Sadar upazila. Although Mayor Haji Abdus Salam was fine, his wife Kanan Bala was seriously injured. 14 more people were injured.

The injured are: Md. Tajul (20), Md. Mosharraf (50), Md. Monir Hossain (50), Shyamal Das (45), Panna (55), Kalu (45), Mayor’s wife Kanan, (40), Idris Ali (50), Councilor Md. Sohail (52), Councilor Awlad (48), Councilor Deen Islam (40), Councilor Rahim Badsha (55) and Mohiuddin (52), Secretary Siddiqur Rahman.

Two of them have been admitted to Munshiganj General Hospital. Twelve people have been admitted to Dhaka Burn Hospital and are undergoing treatment.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Among the injured are two panel mayors. They are Awlad Hossain and Rahim Badsha. Another injured councilor Sohail Rana. However, the DB confirmed that there was no threat of sabotage from the police.

Moniruzzaman Ripon, an Awami League leader, said the windows were shattered by a loud noise. Then I wondered if it was a gas cylinder. I don’t see any gas cylinder later.

Injured panel mayor Rahim Badsha said, “We were discussing a work of the municipality at the house of some mayors including four councilors.” Suddenly there was an explosion with a loud noise. No one has yet been able to confirm what caused the explosion.

On-duty doctor Shaibal Basak said all but one have been referred to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. All the injured have burn injuries. The condition of two of the 14 people, including the mayor’s wife Kanan, is critical.

In this regard, Officer-in-Charge of Sadar Police Station Md. Abubakar Siddique admitted the truth of the incident and said that the cause of the explosion could be ascertained after investigation by the fire service and police.

Senior station officer Abu Yusuf said it had been initially confirmed that no sabotage or bombs had been detonated. Our idea was that the gas stove was probably empty, so the rooms were full of gas. Someone exploded with a lighter.
He added that only Kanon Begum, the mayor’s wife, could tell how the blast actually took place. That has burned the most. The mayor’s family has said that it is not safe yet. As soon as he recovers, it may be possible to unravel the mystery.

DB OC Md Mozammel Haque said the CID had launched an investigation even though no cause of the blast was found. The matter has not been reported in writing yet. However, it is thought that all the gas stoves in Pak’s house may have been given the key while the gas was off for two days. Because there was no gas, they did not know if there was gas. The house was filled with gas, so there was an indication that an explosion could occur if someone caught a gas stove or cigarette with a match or lighter. However, the explosives team may investigate the matter and get some other clues. The actual incident can be reported only after the investigation.