April 17, 2021


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The government is in the custody hardline case

In several districts including Purana Paltan in the capital Dhaka, Hathazari in Chittagong, Brakshanbaria, Narayanganj and Faridpur, the government under the leadership of Hefazat-e-Islam has been in a state of turmoil and anarchy. The government has decided not to give any more concessions to this communal extremist group. Law enforcement has already been instructed to crack down on their destructive activities. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal on Sunday sent a strong message in Parliament. Chief of Police. Benazir Ahmed went to Brakshanbaria and warned about the saboteurs. Along with the government, the ruling Awami League is also vocal against Hefazat’s misconduct. Law and order forces including police are on the hard line in case of arson. Detectives have also increased surveillance and activities. Hefazat leaders and activists took to the streets in a hurry and vandalized and set fire to the house. Meanwhile, police have started investigation into the case filed at Dhaka’s Paltan Police Station on Monday night. Several units of the police are investigating the shadow. All law enforcement units, including the police, are wary of reports that Hefazat is trying to create a platform for anti-government movements based on its public activities, leaders’ statements and intelligence. Despite the directive to close all madrassas, including Qawmi, especially in the wake of the global epidemic, many madrassas for Hefazat followers remain open. Detectives, police and RAB are keeping an eye on these madrasas. In this context, the Ministry of Education issued a notification on Tuesday to immediately close all residential and non-residential madrasas, including Qawmi Madrasa.

Awami League General Secretary Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader said on Tuesday afternoon that the government’s “challenge” now was to prevent extremist groups from engaging in the corona virus. Quader said the government’s challenge at the moment is to tackle the Corona infection and prevent the activities of extremist groups. In order to meet these two challenges, it has become an urgent duty to further coordinate the work of the government and the unity of the party.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police Motijheel Zone DC Syed Nurul Islam said yesterday that the case of Paltan Police Station is being investigated. Those who were in public that day in the attack on Baitul Mukarram and those who gave instructions from behind the scenes; An investigation is underway. The whole matter will come out in the investigation. Besides, the operation is underway to arrest those involved. Police are investigating the case as per the court order. He added that many of those named in the statement had political identities. However, we will not consider any terms. We will take action against the culprits considering the crime. The case is still ‘pre-matured’. The real identities of the accused, their current whereabouts, where they were on March 26, whether they were present at the Baitul Mukarram, whether they ordered sabotage, whether they were financiers or masterminds of the attack will be identified and all measures will be taken to arrest them. Several police officials have hinted that several top leaders, including Hefazat’s Mamunul Haque, could be arrested if the investigation reveals names. Several police officials said that Hefazat and some leftist groups had taken to the streets in protest of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit. Targeting several districts in particular, they carried out planned attacks on the homes and offices of police, government institutions and political leaders. Police stations, outposts, municipalities, upazila councils, land offices, district post bungalows and other cultural centers were attacked. Attacks and arson were carried out on public transport. The media workers were targeted. Police and detectives are working to unravel the mystery behind the anarchy on the 50th anniversary of Bangladesh’s independence and the birth centenary of Bangabandhu. The police have found links between BNP-Jamaat and Shibir under the guise of custody. Police have received such allegations in a case filed at Paltan Police Station on Monday. BNP leader Nipun Roy is in jail on the charge of burning cars during the Hifazat strike. In this situation, research is going on about who is involved in sabotage. The work of preparing the list of those who have joined the custody of Jamaat-Shibir is also at the final stage. It is learned that many names have come up in the investigation. The government has been particularly embarrassed by the anti-Modi protests inviting state guests. The government does not want to give a shit to Hefazat for wasting government resources in the name of the so-called movement. It is learned that the operation may be intensified at any time by arresting everyone behind the scenes except the accused named in the case filed so far in the custody issue.

Several officers of the Chittagong Range of the police said that Hefazat could take the students of the madrasa to the field at any time by listening to rumors or creating undue provocation. In the last few incidents, they may have tried to warm up the field by seeing their ‘win’. They want to heat up the streets in the name of protest, especially after Friday prayers. The anti-Modi protest or movement is now going to take the form of anti-government movement. That is why they want to create a platform. Meanwhile, several senior Hefazat leaders have warned more than once that the government will collapse if they obstruct their work. All law enforcement units, including the police, are on high alert for their public activities and intelligence.

Narayanganj district police officials say they are trying to warm up again after the blockade of Hefazat leader Mamunul Haque, including women, at the Sonargaon Royal Resort in Narayanganj. Leaders come with hot speeches but stay with the detectives

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