April 17, 2021


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Loose lockdown in Meherpur, hygiene is not being observed

The 3rd day lockdown is going on loosely in Meherpur. Although some shops were closed, most businesses were open. Public movement was also normal. Although there are less passengers, there is less traffic on the road. Also, public transport has started from morning. Although several teams of the district administration and the police are on the ground to ensure hygiene, no one is working. Even if more than one person and organization is fined for not following the health rules, it is not having an effect on the common people. On the first day of the lockdown, the shops were closed, but on the third day, they remained open till late at night.

It can also be seen on the spot that most of the banks in Meherpur do not have health problems. Customer gatherings can be seen by visiting the regional offices of the bank. Especially Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, Islami Bank as if there is no place for sesame. Bank officials and employees have no safety equipment. No preventive measures have been taken outside the bank. Hundreds of customers are standing side by side, ignoring the social distance from inside the bank to the main gate. Although some of them used masks, most of the customers were not seen wearing masks. However, bank officials claim that the reason for the rush is the reduced transaction time.

Nazmul Haque, principal officer of Meherpur Sonali Bank, said, “We have received instructions from the government that the bank will remain open till 12.30 pm.” Reducing the opening hours does not mean that the crowd will be less. Still trying. But we can’t try from all sides.

Meanwhile, a team of Gangni RAB-7, in collaboration with the executive magistrate, conducted raids at various places in Meherpur city to ensure health. Assistant Commissioners Sujan Das Gupta, Mahamudul Hasan, Kazi Mohammad Anik Islam and Sabita Sarkar conducted awareness campaigns in different ways throughout the day.

Assistant Commissioner Kazi Anik Islam said, “We have been in the field from the very beginning to ensure hygiene and enforce lockdown as per government instructions.” A number of people have also been fined for not following the hygiene rules, including public awareness campaigns.

Narsingdi Sadar Upazila with a big knife out of the house to go to the front, he was stabbed. A young man named Yunus Ali (30). Two of the five people injured in the stabbing died. The other three are undergoing treatment at Narsingdi Sadar Hospital.

The incident took place at Chagariapara village in Ward 5 of Nazarpur Union in the upazila on Wednesday (April 8). Yunus Ali village UAE expatriate said. Son of Mannan Miah.

The deceased were identified as Mohammad, son of Abul Fazl of Chagariapara village. Farhad Mia (50) and Dewan Ali’s son Ali Akbar (58).

According to the families of the victims, around 9 am today, Yunus Ali got into a fight with his mother and came out of the house with a big knife in his hand. First he stabbed his cousin Al Amin. Later, when he came to stop him, he ran to one of the grandfathers with a knife in his hand. On his way back from his land, Yunus Ali stabbed Farhad Miah in the back. Then he stabbed Ali Akbar. Besides, Sentu Mia and another unidentified person were stabbed by Yunus Ali.

Nazarpur Union Ward No. 5 member. Jahangir Alam said the locals arrested Yunus and tied him with ropes. He was handed over to Narsingdi Model Police Station.