April 13, 2021


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Modern medicine is a challenge in the health sector

Today is April 8, World Health Day. This day is going to be celebrated with due dignity all over the world. This year’s theme is “Building a Fairer, Healthier World”, which means moving forward to build a beautiful and healthy world.We know that Kovid-19 is facing various challenges in the health sector all over the world including Bangladesh due to the global epidemic. We have some non-communicable diseases throughout the year along with various infectious diseases which are a threat to the whole world including Bangladesh – such as dengue, malaria, Ebola a few years ago including Kovid-19.

On the one hand, inequality between the rich and the poor, on the other hand, the poverty groups are living in more hardships during this Corona period. There are many villagers who are not getting the right amount of nutrition and are being deprived of their basic needs, access to clean water and sanitation, which has further increased the extent of their suffering during the epidemic.

World Health Day has come at a time that we are going to observe in lockdown in Bangladesh, so the theme of this day is to make the people of the country aware, to make the world aware. As we see so many people suffering from social insecurity and rising inequality between rich and poor, how we can get rid of today’s health sector challenges in this situation has become a matter of renewed celebration in this day and age.

I repeat that there are many people in the Covid-19 era who may be living a better life enjoying all the benefits of the health sector but a large part of the people living below the poverty line are not able to meet their basic health needs, their malnutrition, their mothers and We are not fully capable of providing the healthcare facilities that need to be provided to those who are in the health sector with the mortality rate of child health, under five years.

This situation is not only in Bangladesh but it is a global problem. We have not been able to vaccinate all the people of Bangladesh. We have been able to vaccinate a very small number of people, although the second dose of Covid-19 vaccine is going to start from April 7.

We know that on March 6, 2020, Corona was first identified in Bangladesh. On 11 March 2020, Corona was declared a global epidemic by the World Health Organization and on 16 March 2020, the first Bangladeshi died of corona. Today is the 39th day of April 7, 2021. We know that the world is struggling in many ways to improve the health sector. Despite the increase in our per capita income, most of the people in the country are being deprived of all the benefits of the health sector, that is, there is inequality between the rich and the poor and inequalities in the public and private medical systems. We need to eliminate this inequality. We need to improve our health as well as education because health and education are closely related. Employment opportunities need to be improved. Eliminating gender inequality Although it has improved somewhat, we have not yet fully improved it.

We have to think about women’s safety, we also have to think about food security. Although our government has instructed us to follow the hygiene rules in various ways, it has not been followed. At the same time, people are stepping into a new normal life from the initial panic and anxiety.

Reiterating the importance of this day, if we want to realize the importance and significance of this day, then the theme of this year is that we all have to work together to build a beautiful and fair world. The people have to build a social movement with the government. People have to abide by the rules of health as well as the government has to meet the basic needs of treatment. I think we need to think more about maternal and child health and infectious and non-communicable diseases.

Our country’s health infrastructure is good, our country’s expanded immunization program is a role model for the world. Our child immunization program has improved considerably, even when Rohingya refugees came to our country their children were not vaccinated in all kinds but after coming to our country we vaccinated Rohingya children like the children of our country. In this way, Bangladesh has become a role model in vaccination.

Other medical facilities in our country such as modern treatment of heart disease which could not go to the international level in the whole of Bangladesh may be giving some basic treatment but we are not able to include modern treatment in the whole of Bangladesh. This is a challenge in the health sector. We know that many people die of heart disease every year, according to health reports. Since our country still has big challenges like high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory problems, kidney disease and liver disease but there is no health insurance, many people are not able to afford modern medical services at their own expense. Many people are not able to take medicine on their own.

The government needs to think more about these issues. In 2020, Corona changed our lives so much that it was very difficult for us to say goodbye to our loved ones. We do not have the language to sympathize with those whose loved ones have left the country.

Yet if we are at