April 12, 2021


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Mamunul took care of his wife’s owner Shahidul

In another world of sadness, corona has come to the fore. Lockdown has been issued in the country. There is no place to hold patients in the hospital, there is no place to stay. Increasing the cabin, bed, ICU is also having a hard time. Every day more than fifty people are dying as a government. The number of victims is increasing. 8 thousand in one day. There is no calculation of how many people are living a normal life carrying Corona disease. News of death as soon as you wake up. Mourning news as soon as night falls. Everything is poisoning. Doctors are sweating to treat other diseases. Suddenly, not to mention, Dhaka’s popular MP Aslamul Haque fell asleep prematurely. The procession of corpses is increasing in these difficult times. There is no time-opportunity for people to express their grief. We are going through a cursed time. Ya nafsi ya nafsi doing.

God is doing God. No one knows when the call comes. May Allah Almighty protect people from this danger. The government is taking steps from time to time. Doctors are warning. Adherence to hygiene rules is everywhere from the beginning. But who cares. Our reckless arrogance in everything everywhere. The joy of heroism is seen in transcending the limits of ignorance. Unwilling to wear a mask. Reluctance to accept social distance. Disinterested in the use of sanitizers. What gatherings, what waz-mahfils, what social ceremonies, what janaza prayers are full of people’s emotions – in everything, the hygiene of survival from corona has been washed away by unruly emotions. Now what a longing to survive the corona aggression with the struggle for life. No one knows where the consequences of this wave will go if we do not use our courage, morale and judgment and awareness.

2. Hefazat’s violence is going on. Corona also could not stop their meeting. Last Friday, after the Friday prayers at Baitul Mukarram Mosque, their fierce rhetoric continued. The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi came on the golden jubilee of independence. Hefazat and its anti-government allies opposed the militant attitude. He also left. However, the custody does not stop. They have maintained their position with fierce fighting. In fact, is this torture of Hefazat for the opposition of Narendra Modi, Pralayalila? Blood holi game? Narendra Modi has come to this country before, where did they not spread the poison of extremist sectarianism in protest? So why today? After the death of Allama Shafi, the Amir of Hifazat, the leadership came in the hands of the extremist leader Babungari. Mamunul Haqra, a few times more extremist than him, came seven steps ahead. Modi is just an asshole to them. The non-communal government of the war of liberation led by Sheikh Hasina is their enemy. If they can overthrow this government, they think they have power in the style of the Taliban in Kabul. They are accompanied by thousands of blind students and teachers of madrasas. Whom they can push into the face of bullets with a cruel smile. They have made Hathazari a fortress of training and strength. The Holy Baitul Mukarram Mosque has become the center of their preaching. In the last few decades, Qawmi madrasas have sprung up all over the country. In the name of educating the orphan students, they have taught the lesson of martyrdom in the name of religion. The history-tradition-culture of the birth of the state has kept the opposite in thought-consciousness. Madrasa students are sent from house to house to bring leather on Eid-ul-Adha. Sends to sacrifice. These extremist communal custody leaders are greedy to seize power in the country as they cannot afford to run madrasas. He has become so overwhelmed with the demands of the government that he can no longer bear the burden. They want to establish a dark Taliban era by sacrificing all the emotions, consciousness and ideals of the liberation war to an independent Bangladesh achieved through the blood of millions of martyrs. So they were not satisfied even with the equivalent of Daora Exam Masters. He was not relieved to change the textbook. Excess has exceeded all time limits. The extremists of this Taliban ideology do not want women’s education, they want to cover women in black veil. They do not want women to study in schools, colleges, universities, medical, engineering. They want to house arrest Bangladesh Pratidin. Men as well as women will work for the society and the country under the leadership of their meritorious personality – it is the poison of their perverted communal bigotry. They are boys who grew up in modern meditation in science, as opposed to education. The more the students go to the madrasa, the more they will be left behind, the more they will be immersed in darkness. They will use it in the name of religion. When whatever you order will jump into the fire in the hope of heaven. The catastrophe that took place, the police station that was attacked, the government office-court vandalized, set on fire, the portrait of Bangabandhu was vandalized with a shovel, the memorial of Surasamrat Alauddin Khan were reduced to dust – all their cold heads. Hit the symbol of the great liberation war and independence of the nation, break the law and order system. Mix the dustbin of art and culture in the dust. Everything is Taliban philosophy. In Turkey, Kamal Ataturk cracked down on communal extremists. Today, under Erdogan’s leadership, communal forces are in power in modern guise. Turkey is the model of politics and governance that Jamaat wants here. Despite all the persecution of Jamaat, their leaders were hanged for war crimes but did not give up. Silently doing their job. With their funding, highly educated youth are working in the country and abroad. They are committed to the ideals of their team. Having a hard time. They spend their money for the benefit of the party, not for personal enjoyment. They spend their money on anti-government propaganda at home and abroad. Even in the background of custody

Talking about their meaning. Hefazat is not, there is no party like Awami League-BNP where there is no Jamaat. There is no place where Jamaat does not talk about money. The so-called intellectuals from the small anti-government party of Sheikh Hasina also get their fair share of money.

Jamaat also wants their fascist rule by overthrowing the government with custody. BNPO wants to come to power in custody. And Hefazat wants their Taliban rule. None of this is a blessing or a curse for the country.
3. The Awami League has repeatedly said that the infiltrators should be expelled. Opportunists are not needed. There is no precedent for listing it anywhere. Who is giving shelter to the grassroots from the center? The faces of those who are betraying the ideals of Bangabandhu and Sheikh Hasina to make their weight heavier have been exposed. If the Awami League truly loves the party with all its heart and soul, then those who have been the masters of money in an era should spend money generously in this difficult time to create mass uprising against this extremist communal bigotry. The unity of the pro-liberation forces should be consolidated and strengthened in the hope of the votes of the extremist communal fanatics. I have not seen anyone take initiative anywhere. They can fight on their own to expand dominance, to increase the sphere of power, to unite in suppressing extremist communal custody. Why this devastating suicide game? If Bangabandhu’s ideology-thought-consciousness is nurtured and held in the heart, it is necessary to be free from the blind fascination of power and win the hearts of the people by flying the flag of honest renunciation outside corruption. People need to be organized. The people are the strength and address of the Awami League. It is in the strength of the people that the extremist Taliban custody must be resisted across the country. They are always boasting. Something is happening somewhere. Exceeding all limits. The Awami League has to give its war cry to the Bengali people. Again, in the non-communal Bangladesh, which has been achieved through the blood of people of all religions and castes, slogans should be raised to awaken the brave Bengalis across the country, ‘Who are you, who am I – Bengali Bengali’, ‘Your is my address – Padma Meghna Jamuna’, Brave Bengali take up arms – Resist Taliban. There is no place for communalism in Bangabandhu’s Bangladesh. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has established Bangladesh without compromise during his long struggle, 13 years of imprisonment and repeated executions. On the ground soaked in the blood of 30 lakh martyrs, the cries of two and a half lakh mothers and sisters who have lost their dignity. How much damage arson. There is no forgiveness for the barbaric aggression of the Pakistani forces of 1971. There is no place for communal violence here. The rise of a new Taliban force in the ISI, Jamaat’s sense, fuel, support must be stopped now. On that day, they chanted, “We are all Taliban – Bengal will be Afghan.” Their arrogance and strength has increased today. Now is the time to stand up to them.

Justice Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik and Syed Borhan Kabir have taken a strong stand against this fierce communal Taliban force. All the anti-government forces have united with Hefazat in front. Everyone understands. In political philosophy, the orphan part of the left is also in the field. Former Daksu VP Nuru is also on the field for mysterious reasons. Saying, lockdown is to remove politics. What a strange. Every day anti-government extremists are spreading propaganda on social media. The big party Awami League and its opportunists are silent. Absolutely inactive. Where is the Awami League’s propaganda cell? What do the staff of all the organizations including different research cell CRI do? In one year, the Awami League has expelled or destroyed its ideological pro-people activists. So this is the situation. Excluding the workers, the heroes and heroines fainted at the party. Where are they today? Why don’t they respond to the team’s ideology in this danger? Why is it so embarrassing to talk on social media? With so many members of the subcommittee, not a single one of them has a status against extremism. Why? Why can’t the anti-government extremists respond to lies?

4. Hefazat leader and extremist Taliban Mamunul Haque was caught playing with a woman at a resort in Sonargaon. Where is it if someone else understands the situation? At first 36 blows to the police. Then troll and troll. The Mamunuls call going to the resort all the time, going on vacation an orgy. Jewish-Nazarene culture said; But he has gone on to raise a storm of controversy over whether or not he is a woman. He said, “By Allah, the second wife is married according to the Shariah.” The name is Amena Tayeba. Mamunul’s lies are an expression of shamelessness. For a few days the devil had been massing him, so perhaps he had taken him there as if he were attracted by the forbidden scent. Mamunul taught lies to his first wife. Our Shahidul’s brother’s wife, I will come and explain. There is no information about when, where and with whom he got married. There is no cabin. The wicked boys are now saying that the owner of the wife, Shahidul, is in the custody of the Taliban Mamunul. The home minister also told parliament that the woman he took was not Mamunul’s wife. There is more information that the police interrogated him. Got a lot of information then. Madrasa students vandalized the resort with sticks and snatched Mamunul away. They are not obeying the law, the rules. It can’t be. It cannot be allowed to continue. They have shown arrogance that Qawmi Madrasa cannot be closed in lockdown. Where all schools and colleges from the university are closed, madrasas are closed. There is no chance to compromise. They have to be arrested and brought under the law and punished. Qawmi Madrasa is not outside the state. The news of perverted sex inside the madrasa has been circulating for several days. Many are being arrested. Students are raped day after day by madrasa teachers

Being a victim of Ray. What a horrible sight. There are allegations of torture and oppression. We have to increase the monitoring of the government. The imam raped a female student day after day and made her swear by the Qur’an in an unclean state. God’s throne is shaken by their horrible perverted sex, rape. Mamunul Haque’s past record is also not good. For all this he was expelled from many madrasas. I don’t understand why ‘Allama’ uses media with their names. They will not obey the constitution, they will not obey the law, they will not obey the ideology of the liberation war, they will not obey the customs of the state – it will not happen. Not a hair of them will be discounted. The government has to be tougher and tougher. When they talk about the Bengali New Year, the New Year of Bengali life, their voices have to be silenced. Madrasas need to be integrated with mainstream modern science-minded education. If not, these fanatics must be stopped for the crime of creating poison of extremist communalism. Madrasa and Islam are not one. Once upon a time there were so many scholars in this country. He preached the message of peace in Islam. He did not spread the poison of communal politics like the extremists of that time. People used to respect them. But the language used by the Hefazat Taliban is anti-liberation, anti-state, anti-law, anti-constitutional, spreading unrest in the society. They should be brought under the law, not exempted.

5. Politically, the power of this darkness must be stopped. We can only dream. The steely unity of the people against them. Strong resistance of the student-crowd. Strict action by law enforcement. Students from colleges and universities marched to give unwavering support to the law enforcement agencies to stop this demonic force. I want a procession to set fire. Women’s society must burn with people like Besuvius in the fire of resistance. In the mass procession of all the forces in favor of the liberation war under the leadership of Awami League, we have to wake up again in the spirit of the glorious liberation war. We have to build resistance all over the country. This dark evil force must be defeated. They are preparing to strike. Before they attack, all their anti-government activities and dreams of Taliban rule must be shattered. All the ministers-MPs have to fight for their existence by shaking off the votes of the extremist communal forces. They have to respond to every non-propaganda immediately. The media also has to fight this battle keeping the ideology of the liberation war high. Their arrogance has exceeded the limits. Not only the police, but also the media workers are being attacked. Those who speak out against them, write about them, are threatening to crush them. The worshipers must also come forward to get them out of Baitul Mukarram. Hathazari fort must be evicted. They cannot show arrogance by violating the constitution, laws and regulations without following the ideals of the great liberation war in an independent country. Bangabandhu’s killers have been hanged. The war criminals of 1971 have been hanged. This extremist sectarian Taliban force must also be severely suppressed today. They have no forgiveness. This country cannot be left in the hands of the extremist Taliban. If many people are arrested, their pride will fall. It remains to be seen how many people will be judged and their arrogance will stop. If so many BNPs are arrested, if so many Jamaat are arrested, if the ideology of the state, challenging the constitution, opposing, taking the law into their own hands, attacking the police station, poisoning the society with the poison of extremist communalism, throwing 100 people in custody will all come to naught. Former Daksu VP Mahmudur Rahman Manna has written a book on his imprisonment, ’22 months in jail ‘. I was reading. I was surprised by the ruthless behavior of many. Her daughter’s screams came to her chest and the bell rang loudly. If Manna has been in jail for 22 months, why is the traitor Mamunul Haque out? This question comes up. This is the character of Mamunul Huq, Dhutra is as sacred as a flower. He threatened to float the sculpture of the father of the nation in the Buriganga. All the blood of the body has boiled in the fire of rebellion. Why was the sculpture not placed? Let the sculpture of the father of the nation be established by floating Mamunul in the Buriganga. There can be no compromise with these. History has not given the government or anyone the right to write an apology in the blood of martyrs. Don’t give up. Many have been after the brutal murder of the father of the nation along with his family. When did that terrible day end? Now is the right time to suppress them. Let the whole country become a fertile ground for the culture of politics. Let the soil written in the blood of martyrs be banned for communal extremists. May the real scholars be the pastures of those who preach the melodious message of peace. Hefazat extremists should investigate the source of their income, the provision of money. It is important to find a source of income for the fashionable Azhari who misinterpret the Waze religion by spreading communal poison by sitting in a helicopter in a life of luxury. The government has to take action as hard as possible. Mass uprising must also take place. We have to say all over the country, ‘Jago bahe kunthe sabai’.